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Changing Faces
Performed by Anastasia Ashworth (Mr. Metamorph)
From the original motion-picture project “Fantasmagoria”

So, my employer Mr. Moyer’s a director here, you see,
And I work for him for 30 bucks a shoot!
Every chance I get, when I’m on set, I ask him for a raise,
But quite sadly, he refuses to, the brute!
It’s a struggle just to juggle all the tasks he asks of me,
But, in spite of sleepless nights, I do my best!
Yet, there’s times when my sublime talent* is looked on with contempt,
Which is why I sometimes get so bloody stressed!

Whenever you’re an actor, it’s a fact, sir, that sometimes,
You are asked to be typecast a certain way!
They want you to be the undertaker, or the baker,
Or the hero who comes in to save the day!
But I don’t believe in playing just one person in a film,
Nor do I believe it’s fun to play myself!
I like playing several parts--a treasure trove of different roles,
From the high & mighty giant, to the little-bitty elf…
(And let me tell you--if you do it well, it comes off really swell…)
And, in playing different roles, I doth excel!

Changing places, changing faces,
One persona at a time!
Wear any mask, & fool the world!
To masquerade is not a crime!
Changing places, changing faces,
Being who I want to be!
I pull the wool o’er eyes of fools,
And the real person, they cannot see!

Make no mistake, good sir, that though I act, I never, ever fake
When I take on the role of anyone I choose!
Whenever I don a clever disguise, no one will ever be the wiser,
For in this game of charades, I can never lose,
As I deceive believably enough to dupe the people that I meet
Into thinking they can trust what their eyes see!
Alas, these chumps don’t have a clue that their assumptions are untrue,
And as soon as they turn their backs, I go back to being me!

Of course, your folks & friends will recommend that, sometimes, it’s quite nice
To pepper life with that sweet spice we call variety,
So, I try not to stick to doing just one shtick throughout the day,
But, instead, play different roles--why, I’m a living potpourri!
I’ll be a bumbling Brooklyn private eye who’s always messing up,
Or an eccentric ex-Nazi with a heart of purest gold,
Or a dull & dreary drunkard who is always in his cups,
Or, better yet, a dashing Air Force captain, brave & bold!
In fact, I’ve got a never-ending list of fake identities,
So take your pick, & in a tick, that’s who I’ll be!

Changing places, changing faces,
In a constant masquerade!
Oh, I’m always having fun
When I put on a charade!  That’s why I’m always
Changing places, changing faces,
In this clever game I play!
You might think I tire of it,
But, my friend, the answer’s “nay”,
‘Cause there’s always roles to follow
And personas to portray,
So I’ll play the gay chameleon
Up until my dying day!

*French pronunciation
Allow me to introduce to you a song from one of my non-fanquel projects, an original movie named "Fantasmagoria". In the movie (which was partially-inspired by Ralph Bakshi's "Cool World" & Disney's "Who Framed Roger Rabbit?"), Chartreuse, a young cartoonist with dreams of making it big in the art biz, is suddenly pulled into the "imaginary" world that provides the setting for her animated television show project. This magical land, Fantasmagoria, is divided into separate realms (e.g., a movie-themed realm, an art-themed realm, a music-themed realm, etc.), all of which are home to a wide variety of zany characters, including (but certainly not limited to) Alexia (a benevolent Alex-DeLarge-like character), General Buck Scott (a tough-talking army general modeled after Gen. Buck Turgidson, George Patton, & George C. Scott), Ace (a hyperactive gambler), Betsy (a knowledgeable centipede-like creature who's got information in her built-in computer consoles on just about everything in Fantasmagoria), Donna (a lovely mouse dancer), Rainbow (a good-natured lady hippie with an obsession for the very thing she's named after)...

...& last, but not least, Mr. Demetrius Metamorph (a comical character based on Peter Sellers who has plenty of multiple personalities, each with their own different name, look, mannerisms, & whatnot). This song, sung by Mr. Metamorph in his introductory scene, gives us insight on his character--& admittedly, it was a lot of fun to write. :D So, what do you think of it? :)
EmperorNortonII Featured By Owner Aug 18, 2009  Professional Traditional Artist
This sounds like a cool concept!
MouseAvenger Featured By Owner Aug 18, 2009  Hobbyist Filmographer
:giggle: Thanks! :D
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