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September 5, 2011
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A "Great Mouse Detective" Fanfiction By The Mouse Avenger

Chapter 4:
Starting A New Life

Part 4

(CUE MUSIC: "Arioso With Cello & Piano", by Johann Sebastian Bach)

Nighttime had now fallen over Mouse London.  The stars shined brightly in the clear, cloudless, midnight-blue skies, & the full moon cast a pale glow over Baker Street, illuminating the houses that lined the pavements with its heavenly radiance.  In the hallway on the second floor of Lower 221B, Basil (dressed in his robe, tie, & other house apparel) was leading Olivia (dressed in her fuschia silk nightgown with the matching hair-bow) down to the last room on the east side of the corridor, which was right across from Ratigan & Fidget's quarters.  As Basil escorted Olivia through the passageway, holding the mouseling by the paw, the detective said with a smile, "So, Miss Fl..."—he corrected himself—"...Olivia, I think you're really going to enjoy your new room that I set up for you."

"You set up a whole room for me?" Olivia asked, looking up at Basil with an excited expression.

"Yes, indeed," Basil replied, nodding his head in affirmation.  When he & Olivia finally reached the end of the hallway, & approached the entrance to Olivia's room, Basil added sheepishly, "Though I will admit I'm not really the best..."—ahem—"...when it comes to interior decorating." Upon saying this, Basil opened the door, & Olivia took a look at the interior of her fursonal chambers.  The walls were painted a bright coral-pink, & the carpet was a bright fuschia.  A large round window was on the south wall, flanked on either side by large fuschia curtains with golden draw-tassels.  The window-seat below it was a mahogany bench (which was covered with fuschia plush padding, & decorated with pink & hot-pink pillows).  A large fuschia chaise lounge stood in the southwest corner, its lower end pointing towards the window.  On the west wall, by the higher end of the chaise lounge, Olivia's armoire & closet stood near the door.  On the other side of the door, next to a tiny night-light, was a large bookcase (the shelves of which were filled with Olivia's books & periodicals, along with some of her pictures & mementos).  Across from it, on the north wall, was a large desk that held Olivia's diary, a few framed photos, a drawing board, some sketchbooks & scrap-journals, a small lamp, & a brightly-colored paw-made jar full of writing tools.

A large canopy bed with coral-pink mattresses & matching bedsheets & pillows, large fuschia curtains (with golden draw-tassels) on all four sides (attached to the fuschia canopy), fuschia blankets, white linens, & reddish-brown mahogany bedposts (with a headboard of the same color & material) rested with one side on the east wall.  A rocking chair was close to the bedside, with a rainbow rug laid out in front of it in the center of the room.  At the southeast corner of the room, in front of the canopy bed (& to the left of the window), were a large color TV & remote that rested on top of a small dresser.  All around the chamber, a pawful of pretty drawings & paintings of Olivia's favorite things were displayed upon the walls (a number of these pictures had been done by the mouseling herself, & placed in the empty space of wall above the desk; all of Olivia's other artworks were safely stored in the desk's drawers, as well as in a large trunk in the hollow underneath the desk).  Olivia's numerous boxes, bags, & chests of toys & games were scattered in different parts of the room, & her remaining possessions were stored in other places.

As she stepped into her new living quarters, Olivia appeared to be quite delighted with her lodging accommodations; Basil, however, still acted awkwardly about it.  Drumming his fingers together, & tugging at his white shirt collar, Basil said with a sheepish grin, "I hope the room's not for you."

"Oh, no, Basil.  It's perfectly fine," Olivia said, turning to face Basil with a pleasant smile. "Besides, pink is one of my favorite colors...especially when it's fuschia-pink." With that, Olivia scampered off, looking around the bedroom in fascination.

Trying vainly to hide the smile on his own face as he watched Olivia, Basil replied, "Well, I made sure to put plenty of...fuschia-pink in, as well.  But in any case, I'm glad that you're happy & satisfied with your..."

Just before Basil could finish the sentence, Olivia turned to face the detective, & smiled at him again, before quickly going over to hug him.  "I want to thank you, Basil, for doing all this for me," Olivia told the older mouse, as she wrapped her little arms around his legs. "Not just the room, I mean...but also for letting me & Daddy..."

"Don't forget your favorite cousin!" a certain mouseling yelled from his room upstairs.

"...& Cousin Timmy...come to stay with you," Olivia continued. "You've done so much to make our lives better in these dark times...& I honestly don't know how I can repay you for it."

"You don't need to repay me, Olivia," Basil said tenderly. "It's the least I can do for dear friend."

Olivia could hardly believe her ears.  Basil had actually called her his friend!  He now considered Olivia to be something more than a client or acquaintance...He viewed her as a confidant, a companion, a comrade!  To Olivia, this was a sign that the relationship between her & Basil had greatly changed in the last few months...&, now, she was beginning to see why Basil was so eager to help her & her family, & to make them feel comfortable in their new home.  That was the kind of thing friends did for each other...Olivia was so touched by Basil's confession, that her eyes brimmed with tears of joy, which gently rolled down her face.  With his thumb, Basil brushed a few tears off of Olivia's cheek, & as soon as he did so, he saw the mouseling smiling up at him once again—this time, in her usual happy way.  "There we go," Basil said warmly, patting Olivia's cheek in a fatherly manner. "Well, I think it's best we get along to bed now."

With that, Olivia scurried over to her canopy bed, & jumped joyfully onto the mattress, before landing on her back...& relaxing, as she let her weary arms lie spread out beside her, her legs & feet dangling over the bedside.  Trying not to laugh at Olivia's antics (but having a hard time keeping it in), Basil said, "No, Olivia, not that way..." Olivia then crawled under the covers, but instead of lying down, she peeked out from under the comforter.  "Struggling" to keep himself from laughing, Basil said, "Try again, dear..." Olivia crawled out from under the covers, & lay down on her back, but she wiggled her feet about wildly beneath the blankets.  By this point, Basil couldn't contain his amusement any longer.  "Come here, you!" the detective said, as he rushed over, & sat down on the bedside...before leaning over, & tickling Olivia!  He did this for several minutes, even to the point where Olivia rolled over on her side, & curled into a ball, clutching her sides as she laughed & giggled with hysterical glee.

After a while, Basil finally stopped tickling Olivia, & the mouseling settled down, but her face continued to sport that merry expression, as she breathed slowly for air, & turned over to lie down on her back.  Olivia looked up at Basil with yet another smile, & Basil returned the gesture, as he tucked in her covers, & said, "All right,, you go to bed." A beat of silence passed, before Basil added, "But before you do, I have one more surprise for you today." Olivia's smile widened when she heard this!  "Close your eyes, dear," Basil said, & Olivia covered her little peepers with her paws.  Then, Basil leaned over to reach for something, & came back with a smiling teddy bear in his hands.  Holding the stuffed animal in front of Olivia, Basil cried in a sing-song voice, "Ta-da!"

Olivia opened her eyes, & fawned in delight when she saw her latest present.  As soon as Basil handed Olivia the teddy bear, the little Scotsmouse instantly started cuddling it; it appeared that she had already taken quite a liking to the toy.  "My, erm, deduction skills told me you would be most fond of it," Basil said.

"I am, Basil," Olivia replied, snuggling the teddy bear. "He's so cute & cuddly."

"I said the same thing when I held him in my arms at night," Basil remarked in a tender tone-of-voice. "You see, that teddy bear belonged to me when I was a young mouseling around your age...&, now, I'm giving it to you." [19]

As if Olivia couldn't have been made to feel any more astonished than she was before, the words she had just heard, prompted the little lass to gaze at Basil with wide eyes & a jaw that hung open in pleasant surprise.  "Really? You mean it, Basil?" Olivia exclaimed, overcome with joy. "Oh, thank you so much!"

Unable to contain her overwhelming feelings of heartfelt happiness, Olivia quickly wrapped her arms around Basil's waist, & hugged him tightly.  Basil smiled, & gently returned the hug, as he said, "It's no problem at all, dear." Then, once he & Olivia had parted from their embrace, Basil helped the girl lie back down, & tucked in her covers once more...before placing the teddy bear at Olivia's side.  "There," Basil said pleasantly. "I think you two will have a most excellent slumber tonight."

With that, Basil got up off the bed, & prepared to leave the room, but he stopped in his tracks when Olivia suddenly held up a paw, & called out, "Wait!" Upon hearing this, Basil immediately returned to Olivia, & sat back down on her bedside.  Looking down nervously, but occasionally glancing up shyly at Basil, as she squeezed her paws together, Olivia said, "Um...I don't want to be a bother, Basil, but, um...usually, just before I go to sleep, Daddy sings me a lullaby, or reads me a bedtime story.  But he's asleep right now, & I don't want to wake him up."

"I can't really blame your father, Olivia," Basil said offhandedly. "He's had a very long day today."

"So, um...if it's all right with you," Olivia asked a little nervously, "would you mind, um...well...maybe telling me a bedtime story, or something like that?"

A bedtime story? Basil couldn't believe what Olivia was asking him to do!  Everything up to this point had been fairly easy for the detective...but, now, he had come across a real challenge!  "Well," Basil replied hesitantly, "I don't usually make up bedtime least, not very good ones...but I guess I could try." He softly cleared his throat, then began: "Once upon a time—that's how bedtime stories usually begin, right?—there was, hmm...let's see...a princess named Olivia...who, kidnapped by a fire-breathing dragonfly..." A beat. "No, no, that's silly.  Dragonflies don't breathe fire.  Then again, they aren't usually known to kidnap princesses...much less for being ferocious..." After a thought, Basil continued, "Well, I suppose dragons would be a more likely suspect—I mean, villain!  But to be frightfully honest, I'm fursonally not too sure that dragons actually exist...At least, as far as I know.  But I suppose I could be wrong; perhaps, there are dragons flying about somewhere, breathing fire, & kidnapping princesses, & whatnot..." [20]

Basil's voice trailed off, however, when he saw Olivia sporting a jaded look on her face; his attempts at telling a twilight tale had certainly not yielded successful results.  If I'm going to have mouselings in the house, I'll need to get used to a lot of things—like telling bedtime stories, for one!  Maybe, I can get some pointers from the parents who live in the neighboring houses...Oh, how I wish I'd thought about that in the first place!  "Well, as I've said, Olivia," Basil said sheepishly, "bedtime stories aren't really my strong suit...but I know what is!"

Basil quickly got up, & exited the room, as Olivia watched him leave.  A few minutes later, Basil came back in, & sat down in the rocking chair at the side of the bed, clutching his prized—& newly-repaired—violin.  Upon noticing this, Olivia exclaimed excitedly, "You got your violin fixed!"

"Yes, indeed, I did," Basil said.  Then, tuning the instrument, he added, "Although it does sound a bit out-of-tune on the fourth string...I suppose I'll need to get a new one...but..."—ahem—"...anyway..." Leaning back in the rocking chair, Basil closed his eyes, tucked the lower end of the violin under his chin, put the bow to the strings, & started to play a soothing lullaby for Olivia, who lay down under the covers, & began to relax, still cuddling her teddy bear.  As he played the peaceful melody on his violin, Basil sang in a rich baritone voice...

(CUE SONG: "Basil's Lullaby")

Hush-a-bye, mouseling, close your eyes
And listen to my lullaby
Drift away on clouds of white
To Dreamland, love, & sleep for the night

Be at peace, mouseling, have no fear
Nothing can hurt you while I am here
I'll be there all night to stay by your side,
And, sweet little angel, with you, I'll abide

Rest your head & fall asleep
Into a slumber so peaceful & deep
May your rest be oh-so serene
As you hear my gentle voice sing

Hush-a-bye, mouseling, close your eyes
And listen to my lullaby
Drift away on clouds of white
To Dreamland, love, & sleep for the night...

Before long, Olivia finally fell fast asleep.  After carefully putting up his violin, Basil smiled at Olivia, before leaning over to kiss her on the forehead, & tuck in her covers.  As he did so, the detective whispered tenderly, "Goodnight, Olivia.  Pleasant dreams." Basil then leaned back into the rocking chair, & adjusted his furson enough so that he would be able to sleep comfortably.  Then, with a clap of Basil's paws, the lights came off, plunging Olivia's bedroom in darkness. [21]

(CUE MUSIC: Abridged version of "March To The Scaffold", from Hector Berlioz's "Symphonie Fantastique")

For the next several minutes, Olivia & Basil both slept peacefully...but, at some point, Olivia began tossing & turning in bed, a troubled look appearing on her face.  No doubt, the dreams that were filling her head, were not those of a pleasant sort...

* * *

Olivia opened her eyes to find herself on a dingy-looking road in one of the poorer neighborhoods of Mouse London's East End.  She was still dressed in her nightgown & hair-bow...but how did she get out of Basil's house, & end up here, in this miserable place? She needed to find someone who would give her directions to Baker Street, so she could get back home!  No doubt, her family & friends were worried sick about her!  With that in mind, Olivia cautiously began making her way down the filthy, lonely, desolate street; as she walked, a cold chill of howling wind stirred against Olivia, rustling the hem of her nightdress, & making her shiver occasionally.  The once-starry skies were now covered in clouds—dark, menacing, & threatening to bring forth rain.  And Olivia could have sworn she heard eerie, ghostly cries moaning & calling out to her...She quickened her pace, trying to find a way out of this scary place. (Oh, how she hoped she could get out of this wretched neighborhood soon!)

After walking a bit further down the road, Olivia suddenly gasped when her ears perked up to a loud clattering sound coming from a nearby alley.  Her heart began to race, & she could feel her pulse accelerating with the adrenaline that was now surging through her veins.  Her mind was consumed with terrifying thoughts of what could be lurking in the shadows, just waiting to come out & attack her...Then, the sound of angry yowling forced Olivia to stop in her tracks.  Her eyes widened in absolute terror when she saw a big, mean-looking tomcat emerge from the adjoining alleyway.  The cat took one look at Olivia...&, with yellow eyes that blazed with ravenous hunger, he began chasing after the frightened mouseling, who took to her heels, & ran as fast as she could.  All the while, Olivia stared ahead of her, only looking for possible places to hide, only thinking of escaping the jaws of death that were nearing ever closer to her...

Finally, after much running, Olivia spotted another alleyway, & she went to hide among the garbage that littered its floor.  Thankfully, the cat did not see her, & continued to run down the street, failing to realize that he had lost track of his prey.  When she no longer heard the cat's footsteps, Olivia carefully emerged from the pile of trash, & stepped out into the open air...but her dangers were not over yet.  Just when Olivia thought she was safe, she was suddenly approached by a large snake—a formidable, fearsome serpent with blood-red skin, cruel black eyes, & a forked tongue that flickered in & out, in & out...

The snake eyed Olivia lustfully, hissing as he approached her.  Opening his fanged mouth wide, the snake attempted to take a bite out of Olivia's foot, but the mouseling darted away at the last second, making a break for the alley exit.  Olivia proved to be too fast for the snake, so he decided not to chase her, & slithered away.  When Olivia had seen the snake disappear in the same direction that the cat had gone, Olivia walked back into the now-empty alley, & sat down on a stray pebble, wondering how on Mouse Earth she was going to find her way back to Baker Street.  She needed help, but who could she turn to in order to get it? Where could she go to find temporary shelter—a safe place to hide from all the dangerous things that wandered the East End highways & by-ways in the dark of the night?

Olivia became so lost in her thoughts, that she didn't notice the sound of footsteps approaching her slowly...ever-so-slowly...They were soft at first, but became increasingly louder & louder.  Before Olivia even knew it, she was suddenly grabbed & ambushed by a gang of thugs!  The villainous mice were of sordid appearance, & dressed in shabby clothing, with many of them holding a weapon of some sort; all of the hooligans leered at their newest victim with evil grins & cruel gazes.

Olivia struggled fearfully in the thugs' grasp, trying desperately to break away from them—but, alas, to no avail!  Despite all the kicks & punches she threw, the mouseling was eventually overpowered, & a few of the thugs managed to grab onto her wrists & ankles, immobilizing her.  Then, another one of the ruffians stepped toward Olivia, & took out his weapon—a long dagger with a glimmering, gleaming blade made of the purest stainless steel...which wasn't to be stainless for much longer.  Almost as quickly as he had produced it, the thug put the dagger to Olivia's neck, ready to slice it across her throat...& thus end her short life...

* * *

In a matter of a split-second, the thugs & their weapons disappeared, & Olivia awakened in her bed with a gasp, suddenly snapping out of her terrifying dream.  Panting for air, Olivia glanced fearfully around the room, trying to become aware of her surroundings, trying to assure herself that she had never left Basil's house...Then, at last, her racing heart began to slow its pace, & her pulse that had been raging so wildly like a runaway river, eased its flow again.  But even though she had calmed down a little, Olivia was still haunted by the terrible monsters that had plagued her slumber.  She could not shake away the feelings of immense terror that the nightmare had given her.  She remained traumatized by the horrible scenarios that had played out in that awful vision...

(CUE MUSIC: Abridged version of "String Quartet In G Minor", by Claude Debussy)

Unable to cope with her ordeal, Olivia cuddled her teddy bear tightly, as tears fell from her eyes, & she started to cry gently.  At this point, Basil (who had been sleeping in the rocking chair) stirred awake, his rest interrupted by what he initially thought was a strange sound; when he pulled back the curtains of the canopy bed, he was surprised to see Olivia sitting up beneath the blankets, crying into her paws.  "Oh, poor Olivia, dear, what's the matter?" Basil asked compassionately, as he picked the distraught girl up out of her bed, & sat her down in his lap. "Is something wrong?"

After crying for a second or two (& sniffling), Olivia looked up at Basil with teary eyes, as she made her sorrowful reply: "I had a bad dream." Then, collapsing against Basil in her state of distress, Olivia continued crying, her hot tears staining the fabric of Basil's robe.

As he felt Olivia's tiny arms wrapping around him, Basil started to remember all the times when, during their first encounter, the detective had treated Olivia—the mouseling who he would come to consider as one of his friends!—in a not-so-friendly manner.  He could not deny that he had been cold—even indifferent—to Olivia, at a time when she was in desperate need of emotional support & stability.  When she sought comfort & consolation, he did not give it to her.  When she needed a shoulder to cry on, or just someone to relate her problems to, he did not make himself available.  But now that Olivia had helped him to become more sensitive & more open with his emotions (among other things), Basil didn't anticipate that he would have those problems anymore.  In fact, he was quick to comfort Olivia, doing his best to ease her troubled spirit.

"Don't worry, Olivia, it's OK," Basil said tenderly, gently hugging the girl, as he patted her back with one paw, & caressed her fur-hair with the other. "Everything's all right." Olivia kept on sobbing, uncomforted, but Basil did not waver in his attempts to console her: "My sweet, I would never let anything terrible happen to you!  You have nothing to worry about, dear.  Everything will be OK...Shhh, it's going to be fine, angel." Basil gently kissed Olivia on the forehead & cheek to make her feel better, but the distressed child continued to cry.  Patting Olivia on the back, & hugging her, Basil said reassuringly, "There, there...There, there...Hush, now, Olivia...Don't be scared...It's all right..." When his efforts to comfort Olivia proved to be in vain, Basil finally asked, "Why don't I sing you my lullaby again to help you feel better?"

Olivia sniffled, then took a moment to wipe at her nose with her paw, before sadly answering, "OK, Basil..." Olivia then tightened her embrace around Basil, who continued to gently pet Olivia, stroking her face & fur-hair, as he tenderly cradled her in his arms, swaying back & forth in the rocking chair.  All the while, Basil kept on singing his lullaby to Olivia.  During the first & second reprises of the song, Olivia gradually fell asleep again...but before her eyelids fluttered closed, she stopped crying, & formed a peaceful smile on her face.  Basil's berceuse had calmed Olivia, & helped to put her soul at ease, chasing away the dark monsters of her nightmares.

After watching Olivia sink back into untroubled slumber, Basil carefully lifted her out of his lap, & tucked her back into bed, placing her teddy bear at her side; he then gave Olivia one last hug, followed by a fatherly kiss on the nose.  As Olivia continued to rest peacefully, snuggling under the covers, Basil sat at the mouseling's bedside, patting her head, & smiling down at her in an affectionate manner.  For the next hour or so, Basil kept watch over Olivia, making sure that her sleep remained undisturbed by nightmares (although, in the event that she were to have another one, he would be there to comfort her again).  When Olivia did not show any signs of having bad dreams, Basil finally decided to leave her side, but as he quietly tiptoed out of the bedroom, he continued to look at the dozing Olivia with that warm, kindly expression.  Somehow, the Great Mouse Detective knew that taking the Flavershams in was the best way to help them out, & he had no regrets about allowing the family to lodge with him; it certainly helped bring him much closer to his friends!  But for all his foresight, Basil couldn't even begin to imagine what else would result in the aftermath of his fateful decision...

End Chapter 4


[19] It is my understanding that stuffed bears technically did exist in the Victorian Age / (Old) Mousetorian Age; if you look closely, you can even see a teddy bear in the opening scene & "humans' toy store" sequence in the original GMD.  But, strictly speaking, the humans didn't start calling them "teddy bears" until later on (at least, as far as our version of history goes).  As for the mouse world, however, I'd like to think that rodents got a head start on using the name.

[20] One of the differences between the final version of the GMD 2 story, & previous drafts, is that Basil is having a bit of difficulty getting adjusted to his new role as a father-figure to his young wards.  Of course, he'll eventually get the hang of telling bedtime stories (along with other "fatherly" duties)...but I thought Basil's fursonal transformation would come across as a lot more believable if I portrayed him having some problems in the process.

[21] Another blessing of the Neo-Mousetorian Age / Month Of Change: the Clapper!
AUTHOR’S NOTES: Ladies & gentlemice...what you are looking at is the (hopefully) final edition of my unofficial “Great Mouse Detective” sequel “A New Beginning”, which, as of 2011, is slowly (but surely!) reaching completion after over 8 years of extensive revising & editing. I want to thank everyone who has read & reviewed this story (with the exception of a few flamers) for their praise, their constructive criticism, & their words of encouragement & support (if not love) for “A New Beginning”, which otherwise wouldn’t have become what it is today. Kudos to all of you!

Now, keep in mind that you are reading the fanfiction version of “A New Beginning”. Yes, my friends, there is another version of the sequel—that which I intend to sell to Disney. (You didn’t think I was gonna give up, did you?) I regret to inform the fans of this story that some changes were made to “A New Beginning” in the “Disney draft”, & one in particular is that there’s no Month Of Change or new technology (&, subsequently, no Anya). Admittedly, it was hard for me to make that decision, but, hopefully, it might “up the ante” & increase my chances of getting “A New Beginning” made by the Walt Disney Company when I (hopefully) join their studios, & pitch the idea to them. But even so, I’d greatly appreciate it if you wished me luck on my potential mission, or at least commended me for pursuing this visionary idea which I so desperately yearn to make a paint-&-ink reality one day. That’s all an aspiring animator can do.

As it stands, though, when you leave a review on “A New Beginning”, try to remember that you’re leaving feedback on a fanfiction that’s more of a springboard for my cinematic idea, rather than the idea itself. (wink) Nonetheless, I do hope you enjoy the (fanfiction version of the) story, & as long as you do not flame or leave nasty comments, you can otherwise review it however you wish, be it through simple comments, constructive criticism, words of absolute adoration, gushing praise, or whatever floats your proverbial boat. And I also hope, if only for the sake of the fanfiction, that after you’re done reading, you might become a fan of “A New Beginning”, & even add this to your list of favorite “Great Mouse Detective” fan-stories (literally &/or figuratively). This is not necessarily a requirement of all my readers, but it would be nice.

And, now, for a (not-so-brief) copyright & disclaimer...

All “Great Mouse Detective” characters, elements, & properties © Disney. And although I’m hoping that the following characters might also become property of Disney one day (hint-hint), they are currently © The Mouse Avenger (that’s me):

Madame Elizabella Ratburn
Pias Nestor
Flip Le Bouffon
Anya DeWalters
Old Mouse Porter
Constable Scott McBrusque (who is slightly modeled after Chief McBrusque from the third “American Tail” movie)
Miriam Richards
“Jaywalk” James Clarke
Olga Mousekewitz
Sergei Alexei Andrei Korsmakoff, alias Agent 001
Eunice Karlin
Shellington Batly
Mouses Fiennes
Miss Leesha, Mr. Gordon, & their four mouselings (Doug, Fran, Russell, & Wendy)
Grandma Kayley & Grandpa Malcolm Flaversham
Cousin Timmy Flaversham
Mother Mary Caulfield
P.R. Altoid
Josie & Jenny Richardson
All the members of the Merchiorre family
Amergin Burgess
Nate Gregson
Professor Phineas Doppler
Professor Carl Gibson
Bessie Colemouse
Cecelia & Martino Green
Chutzpah The Squirrel
Coucou Cacheau
Monsieur Victor Claudius
Sophocles Braveheart
Evian Anderson
Takumi Mitsubishi
Cecil B. DeMont
Madame Angelina Flaherty
Captain Amelia Gripling
Sergeant Howard Bloomsbury
General Cato Woodsey
Lieutenant John Ranier
George & Chester Cheeseman
“Slick” Willie Ford
Jellybean Jameson
Larry Grossmouse
Victoria Holmesington
Melissa Mousechester
Henry & Blanca Mousini
Baby Fuschia Holmesington

The following characters are based on minor or bit characters who appear in the original GMD, & thus technically belong to Disney, but I claim ownership to the names & personalities I created for them:

:bulletred: Jemediah Fieldson (the old mouse with the broken leg who tells Ratigan off during the Diamond Jubilee scene)
:bulletred: Walker DeBeaumont (one of Ratigan’s thugs who appear during the “World’s Greatest Criminal Mind” song-scene—he’s the one standing closest to Ratigan’s right when the thugs sing “You mean it?”)
:bulletred: “Snotty” Sam Fitzgerald (one of Ratigan’s thugs who appear during the “World’s Greatest Criminal Mind” song-scene—he’s the one standing farthest from Ratigan’s right when the thugs sing “You mean it?”)
:bulletred: Bill The Lizard, Red Robertson, & Ernest “Snakes” Henshaw (the three thugs who are often seen hanging out together)
:bulletred: “Gunsmoke” Gary Mousedale (one of Ratigan’s thugs who appear during the “World’s Greatest Criminal Mind” song-scene—he’s the one standing on Ratigan’s right, between Walker & Snotty Sam, when the thugs sing “You mean it?”; he also appears in the part where the thugs are seen cheering after Ratigan ends the song’s opening monologue, & whenever the thugs are shown reacting to Ratigan’s ‘sob story’)
:bulletred: Terry & Thomas Farrell (two of Ratigan’s thugs who appear during the “World’s Greatest Criminal Mind” song-scene—they appear with Bill in his first shot, while Ratigan starts talking to the thugs about his plan [Terry’s the muscular mouse whacking a club in his paw, & Thomas is the stout mouse holding a beer mug])
:bulletred: “Peewee” Pete Colemouse (one of Ratigan’s thugs who appear in the scene where the bad guys are all laughing at Basil—he’s the shrimpy thug in blue, seen standing next to Red & Bill, after we cut away from Fidget)
:bulletred: “Manchester” Maurice Favell (doesn’t appear in the movie, but does appear in the GMD storybook in place of his brother Bartholomew)
:bulletred: “Old Blind Joe” McDowell (one of Ratigan’s thugs who is seen on Felicia’s back in the scene where Ratigan reveals his plan—he’s the thug sitting up front, with the eye patch)
:bulletred: Cathy Sheridan (the poker-playing lady who blows smoke in Dr. Dawson’s face at the Rat Trap)
:bulletred: Mrs. Deborah Wellington & her son Joey (two of the mice in the crowd of Jubilee attendees at Buckingham Palace—they’re the mother mouse in blue & the little boy with the beanie on his head, respectively)
:bulletred: Sophie Winterley (one of the mice in the crowd of Jubilee attendees at Buckingham Palace—she’s the plump, blonde-haired mouse in blue with the purple umbrella)
:bulletred: Ben Flaherty (one of the mice in the crowd of Jubilee attendees at Buckingham Palace—he’s the red-haired mouseling in the mustard-colored jacket, seen in the first shot of Jemediah Fieldson)
:bulletred: Evelyn Rosedale (the barmaid at the Rat Trap)
:bulletred: Auburn Patterson (the bartender of the Rat Trap)
:bulletred: Don The Pianist (one of the members of the Rat Trap Band)
:bulletred: Arnie The Drummer (same as above)
:bulletred: Morey The Trumpet-Player (same as above)
:bulletred: Tom The Trombonist (same as above)
:bulletred: Jerry The Guitar Player (same as above)
:bulletred: Jiggy The Juggling Octopus (one of the entertainers at the Rat Trap)
:bulletred: Rosie The Ribbiter (the fat frog with the bowler & cane who serves as one of the Rat Trap entertainers—&, yes, before anyone asks, I changed the character’s gender)
:bulletred: Ned The Newt (the skinny little fellow at the Rat Trap who’s seen riding on the unicycle [& struggling to carry Rosie at the same time!])

Please be sure to ask for my permission before using the characters listed above, & if you do so, I will be more than happy to let you use them in your stories &/or roleplayings.

And, now, ladies & gentlemice, without further ado, I present to you...the final (fanfiction) version of “The Great Mouse Detective 2: A New Beginning”! Happy reading!


Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4

Prologue | Chapter 1 | Chapter 2 | Chapter 3 | Chapter 4 | Chapter 5 | Chapter 6 | Chapter 7 | Chapter 8 | Chapter 9 | Chapter 10 | Chapter 11 | Chapter 12 | Chapter 13
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DawnDewdrop Feb 11, 2014  Student Artist
I'm impressed with this.
Sonicx399 Sep 29, 2013  Student Filmographer
When will chapter 5 be out? Fear 
MouseAvenger Oct 6, 2013  Hobbyist Filmographer
It'll be out soon, don't worry. ;) I'll keep you posted! :D

In the meantime, what do you think of the story so far? :)
UranAstro Oct 6, 2013  Student Writer
Love it! I wish a real movie will be made. (BTW, this is Sonicx399's other account)
MouseAvenger Oct 6, 2013  Hobbyist Filmographer
I do, too! :D Thanks! :hug: And I'm so glad you're liking the story so far! ^_^

(And I see. :nod: )
UranAstro Oct 6, 2013  Student Writer
No prob, I love the idea of the Month Of Change. :)
MouseAvenger Oct 7, 2013  Hobbyist Filmographer
I do, too! ^_^
PetitAnge1 Apr 22, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
very nice story, I read it all, ah, you explain to me how do you put a fic on deviantart, I do not know how you do it, you explain it to me, please?
My god! I love how basil is so sweet! :happycry: Keep up the amazing work! Cant wait to see more!
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