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The Baker Street Family


This much-renowned mouse hero has had a long career in crimefighting, but in addition to Dr. Dawson, he now has a pawful of new partners--none other than his Baker Street Family!  Intelligent, scholarly, & well-read on just about every topic, this super-smart supersleuth hungers for knowledge of all sorts, & makes it a fursonal rule to use everything he knows (& learns) to help anyone out in a pinch.  Adventurous & daring to the extreme, Basil's not afraid to travel or embark on any escapades that may pop up in life, & when times get scary for others, he's ready to face any foes or problems with unrelenting bravery & courage.  In addition to his intellectual abilities & his fearlessness, Basil is also known for his kind heart, his sensitive soul, & his compassionate, caring nature.  Bad guys beware when Basil, the Great Mouse Detective, is on the case!


This spunky & adorable little lass has an amazing ability to capture the hearts of everyone who meets her--including her godfather, the famous detective Basil Of Baker Street (&, like her crimesolving comrade, Olivia has a *huge* appetite for adventure!).  Always looking for fun & excitement in any form, Olivia has a large love for life & a deep thirst for the simple pleasures that fill her existence; just as long as she's happy & having a good time, all is right with the mouse world!  Kind & caring Olivia, with her heart of purest gold & sense of compassion that's easy to admire, cares deeply for her friends & family, & will do anything in her power to make sure that they are safe from harm.  This generous & benevolent bairn is always willing to share whatever she has with others...& if there isn't much to share, she will gladly give, instead, putting others' needs ahead of hers.  Olivia also shares her family's sunny optimism & cheerful disposition, & unless there's a good reason for her not to, she will always be seen with a smile on her face.  Even in the worst of times, Olivia tries not to let anything get her down; she stays afloat above the dark waters that toss her about in life's occasional storms, looking with her chin up as she waits patiently for the sunny skies that she's certain will appear before too long.


The owner & operator of a toy shop in London's West End, this generous, good-natured gentlerodent could never bring himself to harm another living soul, & his heart is filled with nothing but the purest qualities.  Easygoing, easy-tempered, & easy to please, the happy-go-lucky Hiram shares his daughter Olivia's optimism, congeniality, cheerfulness, kindness, & selflessness, all of which are traits that run in the blood of the Flaversham family.  This strong-willed, strong-minded, & steadfast Scotsmouse is always willing to fight for what he believes in, & even in the worst of times, he never loses his dogged determination & persistent perseverance.  Resilient & buoyant, Hiram doesn't let anything affect him except for the better, & whenever times get tough, he only lets the experiences shape him into an even tougher mouse!  Never one to break down easily, no matter how grim a situation might look, Hiram just keeps his chin up & holds onto hope that things will eventually get better...&, fortunately for the toymaker, they usually do!


Olivia's older cousin Timmy Flaversham has spent the last few years of his life hanging out with the wrong crowd & getting into all kinds of trouble, but now that he's living with his family & friends at Lower 221B Baker Street, he's sure to get back on the right track!  A master at checkers & the piano (not to mention fluent in French), Cousin Timmy considers himself to be quite the little charmer, & he often flirts with pretty girls in the hopes of winning their hearts & earning their affections.  He finds it hard to resist feminine charm, & even one look from a female mouse will send him into a lovestruck daze!  But Cousin Timmy means well; flirty though he may be, Timmy is a noble, sincere gentlemouse who will follow no other code but that of absolute chivalry towards the ladies, & he does his best to be polite & well-mannered.  A true people-pleaser, Cousin Timmy is always eager to make his friends & family happy, & if he upsets them, Timmy will end up bursting into tears & apologizing to them, while he begs for forgiveness on bended knee.  Possessing a fragile spirit that is easily broken, Timmy is not as tough or resilient as his other family members; though Timmy will occasionally act "macho", he maintains a sensitive "feminine side" that often shows through his facade of 'mouseculinity'.  Sometimes, when he wants to impress others (& hopefully gain favor in their eyes), Cousin Timmy will brag & show off, but under normal circumstances, he is a candid & honest little mouse--perhaps painfully so.  While he does look on the bright side of life, Cousin Timmy is more of a realist than an idealist; at times, he often has to keep himself from catering to more cynical thoughts.  Timmy tends to be a bit of a worrywart in stressful situations, & whenever things get bad, he sometimes can't help but think that they might get worse.  Thankfully, however, Cousin Timmy is often proven in the wrong, which enables him to breathe a little easier...& maybe sleep a little easier, too.


After his defeat at the end of the Flaversham Case & his survival of the fall from Big Ben, the former World's Greatest Criminal Mind has become disillusioned with the life of vice & villainy that he once led, & after unofficially retiring from his post, he has since made peace with his ex-enemy Basil Of Baker Street, with whom he is now living while learning under the detective's wing about the customs of the ethical, respectable, upright citizen, which he vows to follow religiously (literally & figuratively) as he tries to redeem himself as a reformed rat (*not* mouse, mind you--he's far past that silly stage of self-denial now!).  He's desperate--& determined--to turn over a new leaf & change his ways, much to the delight of law-abiding Londoners...& the rage of his adoptive father & criminal tutor, Mouses Fiennes.  Though he's far from the same rodent he used to be, Ratigan still maintains his intellectual mindset, his classy sense of elegance & refinery, his appreciation for the finer things in life, his witty sense of humor, & his cunning, fox-like intelligence--only now, he uses his intelligence as a tool to help others, & not to hurt them.  Ratigan has taken great delight in his status as a do-gooder, finding it much more emotionally-satisfying to cater to the benevolent side of rodent nature, & the bones in his body are now only filled with kindness, generosity, & just about every likable or lovable quality you could think of...except, perhaps, for an even temperament.


Despite being thrown off of Ratigan's dirigible & being left to drown in the Thames River, Fidget (who should be thankful he's a good swimmer!) has also survived his fall, & is still in partnership with Ratigan...but now, like his former boss, he has changed his ways, & is living with Basil Of Baker Street as a reformed rodent, loyally following Ratigan in his footsteps as he accompanies him on the long journey down the road to redemption.  But while Fidget is no longer evil or malicious, he's not *completely* changed--he is still a hard worker, devoted to carrying out his tasks (well, when he's in the mood for it, anyway), & quite the devilish little trickster, who's not afraid to pull a practical prank or two on some unsuspecting furson.  Fidget's jokes & jests are well-intentioned, however, & if anybody does wind up getting hurt, he'll end up feeling terribly sorry for it & doing whatever he can to ease the trouble he might have caused the target(s) of his mischievous antics.  As his adventures with his new family progress, Fidget shows more of a youthful, childlike nature, though it can sometimes border on *childish*...but even when his other "juvenile" characteristics aren't of the mature & sensible sort, Fidget nonetheless displays the trusting, loyal, humble, caring, sincere, decent, sweet, playful, modest, honest, & "innocent" qualities that are so closely associated with a childlike fursonality.  When all's said & done, Fidget may not be the bravest or the most intelligent member of the Baker Street Family, but he certainly has plenty of ways to make up for it.


If Dr. Dawson was totally surprised to find himself serving as an assistant to Basil Of Baker Street, then he had no idea that the formation of their permanent partnership would turn out to be just one of several twists & turns he would take on the rollercoaster ride of life.  In the months following the Flaversham Case, he & Basil have allowed the Flavershams (who are now facing very difficult times) to take lodgings with them at their house, but as it turns out, that's not the last of these new developments!  Dr. Dawson soon finds himself living in a full house, but he doesn't mind it one bit--on the contrary, he's all-too-eager to be a proud member of Basil's Baker Street Family.  In addition to his superb medical knowledge & his fondness for Mrs. Judson's cheese dishes, Dr. Dawson is also known for his kind heart & his sensitive, caring soul.  Dr. Dawson cannot bear to see anyone in distress, & he will do whatever he can to ease their troubles (or offer some small crumbs of comfort, if he can do nothing more). This benevolent doctor has a heart that's every bit as stout as his frame, & with a gentle fursonality to complement it; he treats everyone with nothing but the utmost civility & courtesy, & makes it a fursonal rule to respect all rodent beings, in spite of their differences.  Slow to anger & not very hard to please, Dr. Dawson is an agreeable mouse who is quite easy to get along with, & even when his temper does flare, this nonviolent pacifist does his best to keep it in check & not resort to rash fits of blind anger.


Mrs. Judson is the widowed Scottish mousekeeper / maid / cook / landlady at Lower 221B Baker Street, & one of the caretakers of the Baker Street Family.  Though she does sometimes tend to get annoyed with Basil for his unusual habits & irksome routines (especially when the detective uses her favorite pillows for indoor target practice!), she acts motherly & kind towards Basil, Dr. Dawson, the Flavershams, Ratigan, Fidget, & Victoria (as well as Baby Fuschia), all of whom she considers to be like members of a second family--& they do, indeed, turn out to be that second family for her.  When she's in a good mood (& that's much of the time), the cheerful & genial Mrs. Judson will always be smiling & acting friendly to others.  She uses her best manners at all times, & never lets a foul word slip from her mouth, even when her mood is not-so-very pleasant--& when you're forced to live with Basil Of Baker Street, that does happen more than occasionally.  In spite of her exasperation with Basil's idiosyncrasies & her quick temper, Mrs. Judson is otherwise a polite & well-behaved lady who treats others with absolute respect & courtesy.  This lively, chipper, amiable mousekeeper is easy to befriend, & a wonderful furson to interact with; her sweet, dimpled smile, sociable attitude, outgoing nature, loquacious (but lovable) penchant for conversation, & engaging fursonality (as well as her famous cheese recipes!) are certain to win rodents over.


The granddaughter of Queen Mousetoria, Victoria was kidnapped from the royal nursery when she was a few months old; she spent the next 15 years of her life living under the rule of her guardian, Mouses Fiennes.  However, Victoria managed to find freedom after escaping Mouses' lair, & after wandering the streets of Mouse London, she was found & taken in by the manager of the Chez Chic restaurant, where she worked her way up to a waitressing job...& where she would eventually meet Basil & the Baker Street Family.  Sharing many common characteristics with the members of the crimefighting clan, Victoria is known for being cheerful, sweet, smooth-tempered, good-natured, pleasant, gentle, genial, amiable, & outgoing; her happy disposition, friendly attitude, optimistic outlook, childlike nature, caring soul, & warm heart are among her most admirable traits.  However, for all her "sugary" qualities, Victoria also packs plenty of spice, too; she is an adventurous thrill-seeker who enjoys escapades of every sort, & she'll eagerly battle villains or overcome obstacles with nary a flinch.  She's fearless & courageous, never losing face when she can help it, & is not one to easily give into fear or despair.  Victoria is also an intelligent, clever woman, with plenty of brains & cunning to spare, & she is quick to come up with an idea that may help out in a pinch.  Victoria is tough-minded & resilient, unwilling to let anything or anyone bring her down or give her a hard time; she faces the darkest of storm clouds with a calm demeanor & an upbeat attitude, knowing that the rain life sometimes brings will soon disappear with the arrival of the sun's warm, cheery rays (& a beautiful rainbow to instill that little extra emotional boost we all need from time to time).  She is a strong, sturdy wall of uncrumbling stone--a remarkably relentless & resolute character (almost to the point of stubbornness) with an incredible sense of fortitude that never ceases to amaze those who witness its power.


Baby Fuschia is the newborn daughter of Basil Of Baker Street & his wife, Victoria.  She's completely covered with silky strands of solid-tan fur, with a tiny white bucktooth, little pink ears, & a small pink button-nose between her large, bright-green eyes.  Being the youngest member of the Baker Street Family, it will be several years before Fuschia's fursonality fully develops, but as of right now, it's fairly simple.  Baby Fuschia is a cheerful, happy little mouseling who's always smiling; she shares her father's keen intelligence, as well as his sense of curiosity, which leads to her tendency to poke her nose in every place (which sometimes gets her into trouble).  She is playful & fun-loving, & serves as a great playmate to the Baker Street Kids & their friends.  She is positively adorable & cute as a button, & is not easily upset, but whenever she cries, she is just-as-easily placated with a lullaby, funny faces, tummy-tickles, kisses & hugs, her teddy bear & blanky, her milk bottle, or one of her favorite toys.

The Villains


After several years of retirement from his post as Mouse London's #1 crime-lord, Mouses Fiennes has returned to reclaim his title as the Master Of Evil, rehire his thugs & minions, & begin his quest to throw the rodent world into an unholy reign of terror & chaos!  Being Ratigan's criminal tutor & former caretaker, Mouses is not only responsible for luring his adoptive son over to the side of evil, but also for passing down many of his fursonality characteristics to the younger rat.  Like Ratigan, Mouses possesses an intellectual mindset, a sense of elegance & refinery, an appreciation for the finer things in life, & cunning, fox-like intelligence.  Unlike Ratigan, however, Mouses is the truly-incorrigible kind of villain...& indeed, the title of "the worst mouse in London" is fitting for such a heartless, wicked felon as Mouses.  However, Mouses is not without his weaknesses.  He's even more pedantic & snobby than Ratigan ever was, he's a pompous jerk with a super-huge ego, & he always, always thinks that no matter how screwed-up his evil plans are or how much the odds are stacked against him, he's going to come out on top.  He blindly refuses to listen to others' advice (with the exceptions of his higher-order thugs--& that's only when he's "in a listening mood"); he doesn't plan things very well, & often rushes through the process of planning his wicked schemes (often coming up with crazy, convoluted ideas that a mad scientist would wish he'd thought of before!); he's impulsive, he's impatient, he's stubborn as a mule, he's thick-headed, he's arrogant, & his intelligence & cunning amount to nothing when he doesn't use it properly--which is much of the time.


Agent 001 is Mouses Fiennes' top thug, spy, & fursonal assistant.  Dressed in a black spy suit with a black bandanna-mask over his eyes & a matching snow-cap on his head, this Russian rodent occasionally runs errands for Mouses, but most of the time, he is called upon to do more higher-level tasks, like spying on the Baker Street Family & attempting to stalk them during their meal at a restaurant while masquerading as a stage performer (lucky for Agent 001, he's a skilled ballet dancer)!  Agent 001 is considered by Mouses to be his most valuable minion, & while Agent 001 certainly lives up to the title, he enjoys making mockery of Mouses' weaknesses & acting like a haughty little know-it-all when Mouses says or does something silly or stupid.  In spite of his snobbish attitude towards Mouses & his various flaws, however, Agent 001 is an otherwise loyal & devoted thug who is glad to be working for Mouses...& he wouldn't want it any other way!


One of Mouses Fiennes' few female thugs, this bat-mouse hybrid is a vicious, violent, voluptuous vixen with brains, attitude, & a tough-talking tongue that's as sharp & piercing as the knife she carries as her weapon of choice.  She's one of Mouses' most highly-skilled & valued minions, serving as his second-in-command & largely responsible for keeping the thugs in line; she also performs several criminal tasks for Mouses (oh, & she's the girlfriend of Mouses' other bat-thug, Shellington Batly).  A few of the things Eunice is notorious for are her fiery temper, her quickness to anger, her violent & ferocious behavior during her outbursts, & her tendency to stay angry for extended periods of time; on the whole, she's not a very "cheerful" rodent, & when she's not in one of her "good" moods, she is usually seen frowning or grouching.  When someone does something to tick Eunice off, she will have no qualms about hurling mock-oaths or insults at them like rocks at a window.  Eunice is tough, resolute, & doesn't take crud from anybody.  Like her boss Mouses, she is impatient & not one to just sit around & wait for things to happen.  She's acrimonious, hot-headed, hard to please, easily-annoyed, moody, unpleasant, uncharitable, grumpy, finicky, bitter, spiteful, smart-mouthed, resentful, rude, vindictive, & defiant to everybody except Mouses.  In spite of these characteristics, however, Eunice is nonetheless deserving of the honor as one of Mouses' top thugs; not only does she devote herself completely to carrying out the criminal tasks she is given, but she's a hard worker, a skilled fighter with various weapons, a rigid disciplinarian, & absolutely, positively, 100% cruel, callous, & malicious.  Simply put...she literally kicks major tail!


Shellington Batly is Mouses Fiennes' other bat-thug, & the boyfriend of the female minion Eunice.  This British long-eared bat secretly works for Mouses, but publicly masquerades as a bat employee at the Mouse Detective Agency (& what's even more terrible is that he sometimes "works" with Basil Of Baker Street on cases!).  Shellington is far more pleasant & even-tempered than his girlfriend Eunice, but no less evil or vicious; on the contrary, he shows utter contempt & blatant disregard for rodent society & all its laws, which makes his decision to disguise himself as a law-enforcement officer so painfully ironic.  Shellington Batly could easily win an unsuspecting rodent over with his boyish charm, his good looks, his rich British accent, & his alluring smile...but of course, such things are only "advantageous little assets" that help to conceal his true self from the mouse world...except for Basil Of Baker Street & his family, who are the only ones who know of his dreadful secret.  Of course, Shellington will do anything to make sure that his law-abiding enemies don't tell anyone who he really is...


One of Mouses Fiennes' other top thugs, Gunsmoke Gary usually works as a murderer & assassin-for-hire (not to mention occasional jobs as a kidnapper, mugger, & bank robber).  Obsessed with guns & anything having to do with firearms, this trigger-happy sharpshooter is never seen without his prized pistol, & when he's not performing criminal duties for Mouses, he can often be seen going out to buy more guns or testing out his beloved weapons at the local firing-range.  In addition to his excellent shooting skills, Gary is also renowned in the criminal world for his cold, calculating character & absolute heartlessness, as well as his cunning intelligence, his resourcefulness, his swift speediness & athletic agility, his rebellious audacity, his determination, his tough-mindedness, his dogged persistence, his sharp wit, & his cruel, sadistic sense of humor.  When he carries out a murder or another crime, or when he discusses the very topic of crime itself, he will gladly crack a sinister joke or deliver some heinous pun, then rear his head back & let out a long, loud laugh of wicked joy!


A thug for Mouses Fiennes who spends most of his time serving as a vandal, Snotty Sam's character is as childish & juvenile as his name suggests.  This disgusting little hoodlum's modus operandi when it comes to his vandalistic criminal acts mainly involves him picking his nose & wiping his boogies on...well, you probably don't really wanna hear any more details than that... ^^; Suffice to say, he's not very popular with Mouses or his fellow thugs...much less the residents of Mouse London.


A thug for Mouses Fiennes who usually works as a mugger / burglar / thief / vandal, this tiny, puny, pathetic little shrimp with a high-pitched voice knows he's lacking in several areas, but as they say, big things come in small packages; Pete compensates for his terribly-short size with daring boldness, a feisty attitude, a rebellious air of audacity, a facade of toughness, a quick temper, a smart mouth, & an eagerness to settle his problems with his fists. So, put in the simplest of terms, if you call Peewee Pete "small" or any word related to it, then prepare to feel his mighty wrath!


A native of Australia who moved to Mouse London during his mid-childhood & lost his parents in a mysterious fire a few years afterward, Jaywalk James spent much of his adolescence on the streets until he was taken in by Mouses Fiennes, who hired him to work as a thief, burglar, & pickpocket--jobs which Jaywalk James is more than happy to carry out for his boss.  "Cunning as a workhouse rat" & far too clever for his own good, this sprightly, agile little scoundrel gets his nickname from his primary escape method--after stealing something or pilfering from somebody's pockets, he'll grab the goods & hold tightly onto them as he dashes like heck across the streets; luckily for James, he always manages to make it to the other side & flee to Mouses' hideout with the stolen items...all without getting caught or run over by the traffic!


A thug for Mouses Fiennes who usually works as a forger, this scrawny little "screever" is as every bit as mean, malicious, cunning, cruel, callous, & heartless as his fellow minions; he despises all that is good & righteous, & is not too happy that he & his fellow rogues now have to worry about much more than just Basil & Dr. Dawson fouling up their schemes...


The oldest of a pair of twin mice who serve as thugs for Mouses Fiennes, this tough, strong brute (identifiable by his blue shirt, brown bowler & trousers, & dark-blue vest) is not afraid to give a law-abiding rodent a good whacking with his club.  Like all of Mouses' thugs, Terry greatly enjoys being evil & getting the chance to perform all the malicious acts that are assigned to him (which Terry commits with great zeal & dedication--perhaps, a little too much).


The youngest of a pair of twin mice who serve as thugs for Mouses Fiennes, Thomas Farrell (identifiable by his red sweatshirt & orange snow-cap, as well as the dark sleep-circles going around his eyes) is every bit as evil & malicious as his older brother Terry, but a bit more fun-loving.  In addition to committing crimes & being evil, he also enjoys playing cards, drinking, goofing off, & partying like there's no tomorrow.


Alas, while Ratigan's former pet cat (technically belonging to Mouses Fiennes) was indeed fortunate to have survived the vicious mauling by Queen Mousetoria's royal guard dogs, she's trying to regain the weight she lost during the subsequent battle & the chase back home.  But not to worry...Felicia is slowly, but surely, starting to gain her weight back with every disobedient thug that Mouses orders her to gobble up...although she has no plans to ever eat Bartholomew again.  All he ever does is make her throw him up--a rather unpleasant thing, really...


The teenage great-niece of Gypsy psychic Madame Ratburn, it can be considered either a blessing or a curse (depending on your perspective) that Adrienne inherited her great-aunt's psychic / telekinetic / telepathic / otherworldly abilities.  Unfortunately for Madame Ratburn & all the law-abiding citizens of Mouse London, Adrienne uses her powers for stingy & selfish purposes.  Adrienne is a completely childish & immature villainess who is unforgivably greedy & materialistic, demanding to have everything she sees, when she sees it!  If she cannot have it, she'll either throw a temper-tantrum or take out her frustrations on the nearest objects or fursons.  Adrienne is also egotistical, only seeking to satisfying her own wishes & completely ignoring those of others; Adrienne believes that she's the only furson in the world with wants & needs that actually matter!  Additionally, Adrienne is a rebellious, defiant brat who refuses to listen to others' advice, has utter contempt for authority, & is not afraid to show her blatant disdain for the generosity of good-hearted rodents; this stubborn & obstinate little witch is fiercely determined never to give up on her self-centered goals, whatever the cost may be, & she's not willing to take "no" for an answer.  All of the aforementioned traits are heavily prized by Adrienne, but just-as-heavily disapproved & disliked by Madame Ratburn, & the conflict in fursonalities & ambitions of great-aunt & great-niece set them both at odds with one another.


Henry Mousini is the ringmouseter, owner, operator, & head magician of Cirque Du Mousini (as well as part-time
composer & mirror-seller).  Sporting colorful clothing & a black shoulder-length toupee, with wicked blue eyes & a mole on his left cheek, this cunning, crafty, clever little mischief-maker, along with his "lovely assistant" Blanca & his motley assortment of mouse goons, gets a kick out of pilfering from the pockets, purses, wallets, & handbags of his circus attendees, & the coins or jewelry he finds go into his vast storage vault at his secret headquarters in London's East End.  Unfortunately for the "melodious, odious thief" & his cohorts, Basil & the Baker Street Family are able to track them down & arrest them, but we haven't seen the last of them yet!


Blanca is Henry Mousini's "lovely assistant" & adoptive daughter.  This beautiful, white teenage mousette with curly locks of black hair & shrewd green eyes, clad in a simple red dress with matching shoes & jewelry, is eager to follow in her father-figure's footsteps & often spends her time performing at his circus, distracting his audience with spectacular stunts, while Henry's goons try to steal the coins, pound notes, gold, jewelry, & other valuables from their purses & pockets.  Blanca is every bit as villainous, felonious, crafty, & selfish as Henry, but she can easily disguise herself as a noble, good-hearted, well-behaved young lady...much to the audience's disadvantage.

The Goodie Gang


A "thug" for Mouses Fiennes who is secretly the leader of a group of other good-hearted minions (known as the Goodie Gang), Bill The Lizard is the underworld antithesis to Mouses & everything he stands for.  He supports all that is good, just, fair, & right in the mouse world, & will do anything in his power to see that criminals are defeated & that good always triumphs over evil.


One of the members of the altruistic Goodie Gang, Red is as stout-hearted & caring as his friend & leader Bill The Lizard, if not as sophisticated or refined.  Despite his tendencies for terrible manners, vulgar vocalizations, & coarse, crude characteristics, however, Red is a good, kind, sincere, & otherwise-decent soul with a gentle heart of gold, a sympathetic spirit, & a compassionate nature.  He is also a tough, strong mouse who will never back down in the face of danger & is determined to defend his righteous beliefs with everything he's got.


Another member of the Goodie Gang.  Snakes (well, it's more of a nickname, really--for Ernest!) is one of the most (if not the most) sensitive & tender-hearted members of the group, & the male member who displays the most recognizable "feminine side".  He enjoys not-so-"mouseculine" activities like gardening, drawing / sketching / painting, cooking, sewing, & writing in his diary, which he has trouble keeping secret from Mouses Fiennes' prying eyes.  Snakes is not the bravest member of the Goodie Gang, being a very timid little fellow who will usually cower & duck for cover when danger strikes, but then again, courage has been known to take hold of his heart, sometimes in the least expected of moments.  Snakes also shares a close bond with his mother, to whom he is utterly devoted--often at the expense of ridicule from his fellow thugs, which he takes on a very fursonal level (just call him "Mama's boy" one time, & he'll get ticked off to the point where he's willing to kick some tail!).  Despite his shortcomings, however, Snakes is good-natured, good-hearted, & gentle beyond all reason, & these qualities serve in his favor by making him one of the most valued members of the Goodie Gang.


A native of Russia who lost her parents at a young age, Olga was found by Mouses Fiennes & taken in to serve as his masseuse, which is not a job she enjoys.  Olga hopes one day to seek freedom from her position of servitude & find a better life somewhere, but until that day, she's stuck working for Mouses.  Thankfully, she is at least able to find constant & caring companions in the virtuous vigilantes who form the group known as the Goodie Gang, of which she is a proud member.  Olga is a tough-minded & resilient woman with a mind of her own, & if you try to give her heck, she'll give you plenty of heck in return.  She is fearless, brave, bold, & dauntless, never letting anything scare her or worry her in the slightest.  She knows how to deal with problems & make it through troubling times without fully caving into despair, although as far as her mindset goes, she's more of a pessimistic realist, which sets her apart a little from the other members of the Goodie Gang.  Stubborn & tenacious, Olga doesn't let anyone push her around, & even when she's forced to take orders from Mouses or his thugs, she'd much rather make them eat their own words, instead.  This strong, muscular lady is packed with plenty of attitude, & possesses a fiery, courageous spirit that's easy to admire.  While Olga is not generally a very cheerful or pleasant woman to be around, & while she can be hard to get along with at times, when you get to be on her good side, she will prove herself to be among the most kind-hearted & faithful of friends.


A thug for Mouses Fiennes who would much rather be working for more respectable rodents, this Goodie Gang member may be missing one eye, but that's the only thing lacking in this good-hearted & benevolent mouse.  Sensitive, caring, kind, generous, & noble, Old Blind Joe is a kindred spirit to his fellow crime-fighters, & will gladly do anything to assist them in their endeavors to ensure that justice always prevails.


The little drunk thug returns--wait, he's still alive?!  Yes, Bartholomew is indeed alive!  It's a good thing that he managed to grab onto Felicia's tonsils & made her throw him up, which explains why she never really swallowed him down her throat.  And now that Bartholomew has survived what would otherwise have been his terrifying fate, he cherishes each moment of the life that God has granted him--oh, & he's officially learned his lesson about drinking, so no more alcohol for Bartholomew! (Now, he sticks to sparkling grape soda, instead.) Bartholomew is proud to be a member of the Goodie Gang, & he certainly deserves to be--this cute, cherubic, cuddly fellow with the innocent smile & sweet eyes couldn't hurt a living soul, nor would he ever want to.  Possessing a compassionate, caring spirit & a loving heart, Bartholomew is a benevolent little angel, always seen acting on his best behavior; he greatly enjoys doing good deeds with his altruistic friends, befriending others, indulging in the simple pleasures life has to offer, & spending time with his twin brother Manchester Maurice & his girlfriend Miriam.


Manchester Maurice is Bartholomew's older twin brother, & an honorary member of the Goodie Gang.  Though not nearly as bumbling or as bubble-headed as his little brother, Maurice deeply cares for Bartholomew with all his heart, & eagerly joins his side on their quests to assist the Goodie Gang in their endeavors to fill the mouse world with all things bright & beautiful.


Miriam is Bartholomew's girlfriend, & the final member of the Goodie Gang.  This white-furred, blue-eyed, blonde-haired mousette loves Bartholomew dearly, as well as his friends, & greatly enjoys being around them; with the other members of the Goodie Gang, she has a chance to remain untainted from Mouses' evil influence...& spend a little extra time with her boyfriend!  Sweet, sensitive, & gentle-hearted, Miriam is not prone to acts of violence or a fiery temper; she remains even-tempered & serene through all situations, & when she does get angry, it's usually only for a few minutes, before she calms down.  Miriam is a chipper, blithe young lady who's constantly smiling & feeling as happy as can be, which is one of the many qualities that attracts Bartholomew (& other rodents) to her; optimistic in every way, Miriam is always one to look on the bright side of life.  Not as tough or strong as Olga, Miriam is more emotionally frail than her Russian comrade, much more polite & ladylike, & a bit of a "girly" girl who enjoys "feminine" things like dancing & shopping; even so, however, those characteristics don't really take away from Miriam's admirable fursonality.  Girly & effeminate though she may be, Miriam is a kind, caring woman with a heart of gold & a compassionate nature that help her to earn a special place in Bartholomew's well as the Goodie Gang.
As you may or may not be aware, my newly-refreshed interest & dedication to my GMD sequel project has now officially reached an all-time high! I've been working diligently (well, actually, that's an understatement!) on a wide variety of things related to GMD 2--many (if not all) of which will go into my "Dream Box" that I intend to present to the Walt Disney Company when I pitch my idea for the sequel to them.

This is the first half of one of the supplementary documents that will be included among my inventory of "Dream Box" material--a series of character bios to be put in a promotional insert booklet for the GMD 2 DVD. I'll be putting up the second half shortly, but in the meantime, what do you think of it? :) Do tell me your thoughts! :D

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