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The Flaversham Relatives


The patriarch of the current generation of the Flaversham clan, this native of Scotland has spent much (if not all) of his life on the Flaversham family farm, where he resides today with his wife Kayley, as well as his middle daughter Leesha, her husband Gordon, & their 4 mouselings.  His oldest daughter Miriam & youngest son Hiram have both moved to Mouse London to seek their fortunes & raise "some wee ones" of their own (his grandchildren Olivia & Timmy), but they visit him occasionally from time to time.  Kind-hearted & good-natured, this benevolent mouse shares many of the traits that run in the Flaversham family's blood, as well as a tendency for progressive thinking that almost borders on futuristic; he's always wondering just what kind of things the rodent world will invent one day (or should invent, anyway).  Not too many years ago, this talented toymaker was glad to accept Hiram as his apprentice & teach him all the skills he knew, so that his son would follow in his footsteps & grow up to become a toymaker, just like him...& as it turned out, that's exactly what happened, much to the pride & joy of Malcolm & the other Flaversham relatives.


Grandma Kayley is Grandpa Malcolm's wife, & the grandmother of Olivia Flaversham & Timmy Flaversham, as well as Cousins Doug, Fran, Russell, & Wendy.  Optimistic & open-minded, Grandma Kayley shares her husband's tendency for progressive thinking.


The middle child of Malcolm & Kayley Flaversham, the younger of Hiram Flaversham's two big sisters, Olivia & Timmy's aunt, Uncle Gordon's wife, & the mother of 4 mouselings (Doug, Fran, Russell, & Wendy).  Aunt Leesha is a huge worrywart, & is constantly fretting over the safety of the Flaversham mouselings; every second, she's always fearing that something bad has happened (or will happen) to them.  Easily-nervous & easily-frightened, this tiny, timorous, timid woman tends to get caught up in her fears & worries to the point of irrationality, which takes considerable effort from her relatives to bring her out of her overly-apprehensive state of mind.  Aunt Leesha is also cautious to the extreme, & even in times where it's OK to let your guard down a little, Aunt Leesha won't even think about doing that--as she says, "You never know what can happen!"  Aunt Leesha is a bit of a realist who's stuck in the present, which is why she is so quick to write off Grandpa Malcolm's progressive ideas about the future as just stories that he's been reading in science-fiction magazines.  Despite her flaws & shortcomings, however, Aunt Leesha is really a caring mouse who truly means well.


The husband of Aunt Leesha, & the father of 4 mouselings (Doug, Fran, Russell, & Wendy), this portly mouse with auburn fur & red hair is a jolly, joyful mouse who's usually seen in a good mood; quick to laugh & slow to anger, he has a playful sense of humor that easily amuses or delights other rodents.  This open-minded mouse is always willing to hear any fascinating ideas that anyone has to offer; along with Grandpa Malcolm & Grandma Kayley, he also shows a support for progressive thinking.


The oldest child of Aunt Leesha & Uncle Gordon, this 12-year-old mouseling always seems to be getting into trouble or mishaps of some sort.  Despite his hapless tendency to attract bad luck, however, Cousin Doug tries not to let his misfortunes get to him while he's having fun & spending time with his younger siblings (Fran, Russell, & Wendy) & cousin Olivia.  Unfortunately, Doug can sometimes be a bit reckless in his play, & occasionally, he'll end up nearly (if not actually) getting somebody hurt while they're playing a game (one time, he nearly caused Olivia to drown in the farm's swimming hole during a game of "shark hunt"!).  However, Doug is not afraid to admit his mistakes to others, which makes him a very honest & responsible mouseling.  Considerate, thoughtful, generous, & empathetic, Doug is very devoted to his family, & he's always trying to do something nice for them.  Sometimes, though, he can be a little argumentative when someone slights him or his efforts at "doing something nice", & it's difficult (if not impossible) to win a debate with him (if you try to back up your point with an "infinity" number, he knows just how to top yours!).  Even so, there are also humbling moments for Doug, who continually finds himself to be greatly impressed & amazed at his cousin Olivia's sense of adventure & her ingenuity, which often comes in handy whenever he & his siblings are in a jam.


Cousin Fran is Aunt Leesha & Uncle Gordon's second child, a pretty girl mouseling at the age of 11.  A bit of a girly-girl (but not *too* much), Fran's all for going on adventures & playing games with her siblings & cousins, but her "sense of adventure" is not as broad as her cousin Olivia's--during a game of hide-&-seek, she can't even tolerate hiding in the slimy, moss-covered inside of a log!  Fran also tends to be a ditz who's somewhat air-headed; though she definitely has brains, she's not really one to use them much of the time.  Of course, Fran wouldn't admit that to anyone, not even herself; she does her best to sound like a smarty-pants little know-it-all who thinks she always knows what she's talking about...when she usually doesn't.


Cousin Russell is the third child of Aunt Leesha & Uncle Gordon, aged 8.  Playful & mischievous, Russell enjoys playing with toys, joining in games, & going on adventures with his siblings & cousins.  As a result of his hobby for partaking in all kinds of different sports, Russell is a lot more physically-athletic than his small size suggests, but he tends to underestimate his own strength, which leads him to overuse it (just ask Cousin Fran--she got bopped on the head with a ball Russell was playing with, but had dribbled a little too hard!).


Cousin Wendy is the youngest child of Aunt Leesha & Uncle Gordon.  This adorable 4-year-old mouseling (going on 5) is well on her way to developing her language skills, & just in time for her forthcoming first year of school!  Always seen clutching her doll in her arms & carrying it with her wherever she goes, little Wendy is lively, active, mischievous, playful, & eager to join in on her older siblings' adventures.

London Micefolk & Neighborhood Rodents


A local benefactor & a beloved member of the mouse community, Mr. P.R. Altoid is a pleasant, charming, genial do-gooder with a heart of gold & a charitable nature; Mr. Altoid will do anything to help others in need--be it orphan mouselings or the Flaversham family--& is eager to lend his assistance to anyone in times of crisis.  He sometimes works with Mother Caulfield & Jemediah Fieldson, & gives Cousin Timmy Flaversham occasional visits.  Known for his share of quirks, Mr. Altoid has an odd habit of saying "yes?" at the end of every sentence.


One of the nuns at a Catholic church in Mouse London, this gray-furred, bespectacled mouse is also the headmousetress & primary caretaker (among other things) at St. Mary's Youth Hostel / Juvenile Hall, where Cousin Timmy Flaversham has spent the last few months of his life during his attempts to shape up his behavior.  Stern & stringent, Mother Caulfield is a rigid disciplinarian, but she is also kind & caring, only wanting to help others & make sure they stay out of trouble.


Jemediah Fieldson is also one of the local benefactors in Mouse London, which is why he often works with Mr. Altoid & Mother Caulfield when they're committing good deeds & helping others in need.  A former navy mouse who was given an honorable discharge due to his leg injury, Jemediah is a respectable & upstanding citizen of Mouse London who believes in following a strict moral code & righteous values; he tries to instill this same attitude in other rodents, including those belonging to the younger set, like Cousin Timmy Flaversham.


A mouse farmer from the Scottish highland, Old Mouse Porter (as he is affectionately referred to in Mouse London) is the owner of a produce stand that he wheels around the streets of Mouse London.  Short-tempered & quick to anger, Old Mouse Porter gets easily upset, especially when his beloved produce stand is destroyed--& that's a lot of the time!


Constable McBrusque is just one of the many policemice you'll see patrolling the streets of Mouse London.  This sturdy, stalwart Scotsmouse is always there for anyone who needs him, & if someone asks him a favor, he will be all-too-glad to oblige it!  But when malignant mischief-makers are mucking things up in the miniature metropolis, McBrusque will abruptly interrupt what he's doing, & go after the ne'er-do-wells with his nightstick; he won't rest until he sees those scoundrels put behind bars!


A tall, lovely, teenage fruit bat, Cecelia Green is a native of Mexico who has moved to Mouse London with her parents; she eventually befriends Fidget, with whom she falls in love.  Adventurous, innovative, creative, talented, strong, smart, sweet, & spunky to the max, a couple of the activities she enjoys are playing soccer & hanging out with Fidget & the Baker Street Family.


Another "neighborhoodie" in Mouse London, this rebellious teen squirrel simply enjoys defying authority & getting into trouble--& sometimes getting impressionable youths to follow him.  Chutzpah is a naughty, nefarious ne'er-do-well who can never resist the urge to indulge in illegal or illicit activities of any kind, & no matter what others may think of him, this audacious adolescent will never choose to change his wicked ways!


A French circus clown & one of the many street performers in Mouse London, Flip Le Bouffon is jolly, carefree, friendly, kind, & always willing to lend a helping hand to others when he thinks they need it.  However, he does get a little irritated when arrogant folks like Sophocles Braveheart talk down to him.


Mrs. Wellington is a royal ambassador to Queen Mousetoria, & she has a huge sense of adventure & enjoys embarking on benevolent missions around the globe, traveling to all sorts of places, & meeting new rodents of every nationality on her diplomatic journeys.  Even so, Mrs. Wellington tends to worry about her little son Joey (who often tags along with his mother on her adventures), & though she loves Joey dearly, she does find him a little hard to handle at times.


The young son of the ambassador Mrs. Wellington, little Joey enjoys tagging along with his mother on her adventures around the globe.  Sometimes, however, Joey can be a real handful for Mrs. Wellington & others to handle.  Playful, feisty, & mischievous, Joey is a hyperactive bundle of energy who is constantly bouncing or jumping around in a state of excitement, & he is also an inquisitive little bloke with a prying nose for curiosity that tends to lead him into trouble.  Joey enjoys (among many things) eating candy, & even though he's supposed to wait until after dinner to have some sweets, Mrs. Wellington usually gives in when Joey starts throwing a temper-tantrum...but whenever Joey eats candy, he gets even more hyperactive than he usually is!  If he eats just one bite from a piece of chocolate bar, he'll be zipping all across the room like a runaway rocket, giggling & babbling incoherently.


A Frenchmouse who resides in Mouse London with his wife Brigette & his daughter Cherise, Monsieur Victor Claudius is a warm, friendly, genial fellow who enjoys meeting new rodents (& befriending them afterward).  He is kind, caring, & compassionate, always willing to help others in times of need, & even shares a fatherly bond with some of the students in his class at Basil Of Baker Street High School (which Ratigan & Fidget will end up attending).


Brigette Claudius is Monsieur Victor's wife, & Cherise's mother.  The affectionate & amiable Brigette is an outgoing, lively Frenchwoman with a lust for life, a sense of adventure, a compassionate nature, an eagerness to make friends with anyone she meets, & a constant smile on her face.


Cherise is the 10-year-old daughter of Monsieur Victor & Brigette Claudius.  Sometimes seen carrying her favorite toy doll around with her, Cherise shares her mother's affability & eagerness to make friends with others.  Cherise is easy to get along with & much fun to hang around with, & let's face it: how could you not want to spend a while with this friendly, cheerful, polite, sweet, & well-mannered little mousette?


A gifted artisan with many talents, Sophocles Braveheart does not let anything, even abject poverty, bring him down in the slightest bit.  This optimistic, upbeat mouse is always seen with a smile on his face; his bright teal eyes & rich voice ooze with charm that grabs the attention of anyone who speaks to him or watches him perform.  Polite, refined, & well-mannered, Sophocles treats everyone with nothing but civility, courtesy, & respect; he has a cultivated sense of sophistication & elegance that also tends to win rodents over.  Sophocles may have an over-fondness for rainbow colors, but it certainly comes in handy for him when he's trying to contribute to his various fields of work.  Sophocles is also an innovative little fellow who can make anything out of just about every object he sees!  Though he can be a bit cocky & arrogant at times, Sophocles is nonetheless a mouse who is devoted & dedicated to his work, literally suffering & starving for his art.


Sophie is a florist who runs a flower shop on the corner of the mouse streets of Crown & Walnut (where the Flavershams' toy shop is).  A good neighbor of the Flavershams, a dear friend of the Baker Street Family, & a much-admired member of the mouse community, Sophie is constantly chipper & cheerful, never seen without a smile on her face.  She devotes herself faithfully to tending to the flowers & plants she grows, taking great delight in her job as a florist.  Sophie is a lively & gay woman with a sunny disposition, a pleasant temperament, & a bouncy, breezy attitude, all of which are traits that easily charm other rodents & make her a likable character...but a couple of her weaknesses are her loquacity & her penchant for gossip.


The grandfather of two Japanese mouselings (Yukiko & Akihiro) & the owner of a family-run kite shop on Walnut Avenue, Grandpa Mitsubishi is one of several rodents to befriend the Baker Street Family.  When he realizes that Hiram Flaversham is the owner of the toy shop across the street, Grandpa Mitsubishi offers to do anything he can to help the Scotsmouse's business prosper again; even though he is a businessmouse, the kind & benevolent Grandpa Mitsubishi is not afraid to do the right thing & "be a good sport" when it comes to enterprise.  His selflessness & generosity make him an easily-likable figure.


The older granddaughter of Takumi Mitsubishi, Yukiko is a cheerful & amicable little mouseling who enjoys befriending other rodents, & is hardly seen without a smile on her face.  Yukiko is more outgoing & sociable than her younger brother Akihiro, & is more likely to be seen in a crowd than in a 'fortress of solitude'.  She enjoys games & activities of all sorts, & if she's not doing something like playing with toys or making origami sculptures, she will often engage in mock martial-arts battles with her brother, or fly kites with her friends at the park.  Yukiko also shares her pint-sized pals' sense of adventure, & will eagerly tag along with them on some escapade or another; she's also not afraid to kick a little tail, when necessary!


Scholarly, studious Akihiro is Yukiko's little brother, & the younger grandson of Takumi Mitsubishi.  With large blue eyes hidden behind a pair of big, round glasses, Akihiro is an extremely bright & intelligent little fellow, with plenty of brains & knowledge to spare.  Though a lot more quiet & shy than his sister Yukiko (& more likely to hang out at a library than at a big party), Akihiro is also a boy who enjoys the company of other rodents & likes to make friends with many of the people he meets.  He shares the creative streak that runs in his family, & when he's not partaking in his other pastimes, he'll always be trying to come up with some ingenious invention or paw-crafted object; he especially enjoys helping his grandfather & sister make kites at their shop on Walnut Avenue.


Ben Flaherty was born to a "family of oddballs"--they even pronounce their last name differently (it's "Fla-*her*-ty"!)--but they're very talented oddballs; his mother, Madame Flaherty, is the gifted owner & primary teacher of a local arts academy for boys & girls...& one of Ben's several talents is dancing, which is a skill he nurtures at every possible moment.  This fiery, feisty twinkletoes is not only a skilled dancer, but a lively lad with a joyful, optimistic nature, a courageous heart, an unwavering sense of determination & resilience, & heartfelt passion for the things he loves most.


Madame Flaherty is Ben Flaherty's proud & doting mother, as well as the multi-talented owner & primary teacher of a local arts academy for boys & girls.  She is more than happy to sign rodentlings up for enrollment in the classes at her academy, eager to help them develop their talents & polish off their skills.  She is encouraging & supportive, always striving to help little stars shine at their brightest, & will never give up on anything or anyone for any reason!


George Cheeseman is a lawyer who moved his practice to Mouse London after several years of living in Houston, Texas.  Though his cheaply-made commercial may make him seem like a deceitful crook, George Cheeseman is actually a caring, sincere mouse who only wants to help others out in times of legal duress.  In all cases, he is determined to fight on the right side of the law, no matter what, & will strive as hard as he can to make sure that justice is ultimately served.


Chester Cheeseman is the young son of famed lawyer George Cheeseman.  Chester greatly looks up to his father, who he considers to be his idol & role model, & wants to be a lawyer one day, just like him; he continually looks forward to watching his father "do his legal stuff" during court battles, but in the meantime, he's just as content to indulge in leisurely fursuits, or spend time with his friends (especially his best pal, Cousin Timmy Flaversham).

The Rat Trap Crew


Once a barmaid at the Rat Trap, Evelyn Rosedale is now the head-waitress, head cook, co-owner, & co-manager of the ex-saloon, which has since been turned into a family restaurant.  She is sweet & genial, maintaining a fondness for children & more wholesome, family-friendly things, along with a kind-hearted & caring nature; she is always quick to make customers feel welcome with her warm Cockney accent, motherly appeal, & hospitable attitude.  But Evelyn can also be one tough cookie--when someone's giving her or her friends a hard time, or when someone does something to irk or irritate her, she's not afraid to give that furson a piece of her mind!


The former bartender at the Rat Trap, Auburn Patterson is now the headwaiter, head chef, co-owner, & co-manager of the new family restaurant.  Auburn shares many things in common with his partner Evelyn, such as her fondness for family-oriented stuff, as well as her benevolent & benign nature; he's also just as tough as Evelyn, which comes in handy when he attempts to stop scoundrels from sneaking their way into the restaurant...(Oh, & did we mention that Auburn also has a crush on Evelyn?)


This lovable juggling octopus returns to the stage--only, this time, the audience likes him!  They really like him!  And that's what makes Jiggy so proud to be performing for the children & their families who dine at the Rat Trap Family Restaurant.  Joyful, jovial, & jubilant, this eight-legged entertainer can constantly be seen with a smile on his face, & a song in his heart; he is also a very curious critter, always wanting to find out things, & learn more about the world around him...although, sometimes, Jiggy's inquisitive nature can land him into trouble!  Jiggy tends to be one of the less-brave members of the Rat Trap Crew; easily startled & easily frightened, he'll run for cover at the first sign of danger (or what he perceives as danger), & won't come out until he thinks it's safe to do so.


A former member of her frog family's circus in the Louisiana bayou, Rosie The Ribbiter is a cheerful, happy little hopper who's always smiling & seeking a good time; she lives for each moment & enjoys it to the fullest in every possible way she can.  This pint-sized Pangloss never lets anything get her down, & she's eager to face any problems that stand in her way with an upbeat outlook, an encouraging expression, & words of sunny optimism.  She is also the proud possessor of a heart that's as stout as her frame--which is to say, it's really, really big...Though as far as the "frame" aspect goes, Rosie's best friend Ned The Newt wishes it was a lot smaller, especially when he's forced to carry her around on his unicycle during their performances at the Rat Trap Family Restaurant.


Ned The Newt, unlike Rosie The Ribbiter, is a small, lanky little fellow who's not very adventurous or eager for the excitement that life has to offer.  In fact, Ned is actually quite timid & shy, & he's also very easily spooked; he's much more of a pessimist than Rosie, & when things go wrong, Ned is prone to freak out & weep or wail for the other terrible things he fears may happen.  Ned is a bit of a whiner, too, & he tends to complain a lot--especially when he's forced to carry Rosie around on his unicycle, which is a task he wishes was much easier for him to do.


The sultry singer with a velvet voice returns, but this time, Kitty is putting on more wholesome acts for the kids & their families who dine at the Rat Trap Family Restaurant.  But Kitty doesn't mind the change of atmosphere or audience...On the contrary, she absolutely enjoys it!  Kitty is a kind, gentle, & tender-hearted soul with a sweet disposition, an amiable attitude, & a more compassionate, caring nature (not to mention a fondness for children & more family-friendly things).


The oldest of Miss Kitty's twin sisters, Bridget is sociable, outgoing, & lively, always willing to meet new fursons, & interact with anybody who's available.  She's a lot more loquacious than Kitty, &, sometimes, she can never seem to shut her mouth once she's started talking.  She's also a bit of a "playful tease", poking gentle fun at rodents when she's in the mood for it.


The youngest of Miss Kitty's twin sisters, Sheena is just as cheerful, just as charming, & just as much of a chatterbox as Bridget, but she's a lot more of a "girly girl", with interests in makeup, clothes, shopping...& boys!  Sheena is the flirtier of the Lorne twins, & doesn't mind putting the moves on a handsome guy she might happen to meet.  She also tends to be somewhat giggly, & when she's in a pleasant mood, it's very easy to get her to laugh.


The pianist of the Rat Trap Band returns for an encore!  Don is an amiable, noble, & good-hearted mouse with a cheerful disposition, a gallant nature, & a sense of brotherhood that he shares with all his fellow well as a mild lack of patience.  Like Jiggy The Juggling Octopus & Ned The Newt, Don also tends to be an easily-spooked sort, & is quick to panic when he thinks he sees trouble on the horizon.


Arnie is the drummer of the Rat Trap Band.  He is a Cuban immigrant with a jolly spirit, a childlike & fun-loving nature, a fondness for pranks & mischief, & a sense of deep friendship that he shares with all of his well as a tendency for melodramatics.


Morey is the trumpet-player of the Rat Trap Band.  This short, stout mousician is a wise & well-spoken fellow with a deep hunger for knowledge...& plenty of food (especially his favorite Rat Trap dish, the oh-so-delicious Super Salsa Verde)!


Tom is the trombonist of the Rat Trap Band.  This lean, lanky mouse is garrulous & gregarious, always willing to make friends & strike up a chat with anyone.  He is very much like his bandmates in fursonality, but he's also a bit of a brazen-tongued brass-player, a lot more outspoken & outgoing, & not afraid to speak his mind about anything.

Secondary, Supporting, & Other Characters


A native of Egypt & a respected member of the Mouse Gypsy community in London's Trafalgar Square, this elderly rat-mouse hybrid works as a fortune-teller, palm-reader, psychic, & agent of the otherworldly.  She possesses many magical / metaphysical abilities, but during their last several decades of usage, these powers have drained Madame Ratburn of much of her physical energy, & though she has gained some of that energy back, Madame Ratburn must take long naps for several hours a day if she is to use these powers for whatever reason may crop up.  Mouse Londoners & Gypsies all agree that, without a doubt, Madame Ratburn is a benevolent, charitable, & generous "rodenthropist" who uses her magical powers to help others in need, give them advice, assist them during times of trouble, contribute to the welfare of the mouse community, & perform all kinds of altruistic acts that no average rodent could do with just the power of his or her mortal brain.  Unfortunately, Madame Ratburn's determination to only use her abilities for good & noble purposes sets her apart from her wicked, selfish great-niece, Adrienne Ratburn; the conflict in fursonalities & ambitions of the two Ratburns makes both rodents bitter enemies with one another.


Pias is Madame Ratburn's best friend, & a gardener for the community of Mouse Gypsies in Trafalgar Square.  Slightly-crippled in his right leg (which is why he walks with a cane), this elderly mouse is often reserved, & tends to keep to himself, but when brought out of his solitary shell, he can be very friendly & sociable.  Pias is a bit of a suspicious furson (if not downright paranoid!), & can feel very uneasy around rodents he doesn't trust; he's also a worrywart, he gets easily nervous or tense, & he's not the bravest or the boldest of the Mouse Gypsies.  In spite of his shortcomings, Pias has nonetheless proven himself to be among the most faithful of friends.


Toby is Sherlock Holmes' adorable pet basset-hound, who is usually seen helping the Baker Street Family out on cases...or sometimes just helping them get from place to place.  This devoted doggie is always there for his pint-sized pals, & he'll eagerly lend a helping paw to them whenever they're in need of aid or assistance.


All hail Her Royal, Rodential Majesty!  Queen Mousetoria rules the rodents of the United Kingdom with a tender fist, watching over her subjects with a gentle, grandmotherly gaze.  This elderly empress enjoys doing her job, & finds supreme satisfaction in taking care of her kingdom, managing the affairs of her government with a cheerful attitude & a pleasant smile.


The Richardson sisters are a pair of teenage twin mousettes who act as maidservants & ladies-in-waiting to Queen Mousetoria.  They are both polite, well-bred, well-mannered, sweet-natured, & sociable young ladies with a penchant for conversation, an eagerness to please, & a deep respect for their royal employer.


This illustrious Irish mouse author has penned several works of literature (& won just as many awards!), but unlike many of the rodents in Mouse London, he's more a gray & gloomy type.  He's not usually seen smiling, & he holds a rather pessimistic view of the world, but he nonetheless does his best to be polite & courteous to others.


Nate Gregson reporting!  This spunky anchorwoman is often seen traveling Mouse London (& even abroad) to dig up the dirt on a juicy story, or to give the scoop on the latest news developments.  Sometimes, she'll even provide "commentary" on the Baker Street Family's adventures.


One of Mouse London's many "gentlemouse scientists", this tall, well-dressed inventor enjoys tinkering & toying with anything he can get his paws on, & is always trying to make machines & mechanical marvels for mass manufacturing.  One can never expect what Professor Doppler will come up with next!  But being an inventor isn't always an easy job, especially when you have to deal with rivals who try to steal your work, & pass it off as their own...


A white hamster with cunning red eyes & a mischievous grin on his face, Professor Gibson is a rival to Professor Doppler, who he's always trying to get ahead of in the inventing race.  He'll have no qualms or quarrels with attempting to steal Doppler's inventions, just as long as he can put something out on the market before him!


This gray-furred, curly-haired, well-dressed, wheelchair-bound mouse is a German immigrant who was formerly a college professor & engineer during his years in Mouse Berlin, but after he moved to Mouse London, a few tragic twists & turns of fate ended up warping him into a mad scientist!  He specializes in building prototypes for rocket ships, atom bombs, nuclear weapons, & other devices that could be used for destructive purposes...& when you get on his bad side, you better watch out!


This adventurous aviatrix, who has the distinction of being the first female mouse pilot, is a high-flying, high-living heroine who can never resist the urge to take off into the wild blue yonder!  Sometimes, she'll take to the skies & perform spectacular stunts during air shows at Mouse London's Flight Mouseum & Arena.


Cathy Sheridan is a "flapper" from the Bronx who has lived in Mouse London for the last several years.  This sassy, smart-mouthed minx is always looking for a good time, but she's terribly ill-mannered, rude, defiant to authority, & prone to engaging in not-so-wholesome or illegal activities.  And if anybody tries to give her a hard time, Cathy's not afraid to show them what for!


French fashion designer Coucou Cacheau not only makes clothes for other rodents, but also hosts charity fashion shows.  Decent, kind-hearted, generous, & noble in every way, Coucou is a rare example of a fashion designer who is as dedicated to exposing inner beauty as much as, if not more than, outer beauty.


This comical film director is devoted to his career & work as a filmmaker, a bit pushy & demanding, well-read, intellectual, sometimes prone to outbursts of anger, not very patient, artistic, innovative, visionary, imaginative, hard-working, easily-frustrated, & very, very hard to please on the first take.


This slim, slender mouse is a female captain in the British Rodential Army, & she holds her title as leader of the 66th Regiment quite proudly.  Though she carries about an air of feminine, feline grace, Captain Amelia is not one to simply sit on the sidelines; she'll eagerly charge into battle, with sword in paws, & fight the enemy with everything she's got!  This tough, feisty warrior packs plenty of attitude, & her vast vocabulary of multisyllabic words never fails to astonish anyone.


This stiff, stern, strict sergeant of the British Rodential Army speaks in a shrill, screeching, militaristic bark that never falls short of keeping his fellow soldiers in line.  He is a mouse who steadfastly sticks to schedules & routines, & he won't even tolerate the *thought* of doing things differently than they were originally planned!  Sergeant Bloomsbury is a dictatorial disciplinarian who demands that every one of his orders be obeyed without question, lest he give his subordinates a harsh tongue-lashing in return for their failure to follow instructions!


This plump, portly fellow is a general in the British Rodential Army.  Woodsey is a moody mouse, with erratic emotions that are constantly changing; one moment, he'll be all gruff & grumpy, &, the next, he'll be genial & good-humored.  Depending on his temperament, he can easily get impatient with others, & he's not always the pleasantest of company to be around, but no matter what his disposition may be, General Woodsey is nonetheless regarded as one of the most-highly-valued high-ranking officials in Queen Mousetoria's 66th Regiment.


This lean, lanky mouse is a lieutenant in the British Rodential Army.  Usually seen with a smile on his face, Ranier is one of the most light-hearted members of the 66th Regiment; he can never resist the urge to crack a joke or two, in the hopes of boosting morale & easing his fellow soldiers' anxiety on the battlefield.  In times of war & peace, Ranier always tries to maintain an optimistic outlook, gazing towards the horizon with heartfelt hope that things can only get better...never worse.


Slick Willie is an aspiring "mousician" who has generated early versions of musical styles that we enjoy today; he likes to experiment with pre-existing instruments & come out with several new instruments of his own design.  In spite of all of his musical talent, however, Slick Willie is a notorious jerk who's not very polite or well-behaved to other rodents...but his father, the famous actor John Ford, will usually set him straight with a reprimand & a disapproving glare.


Jellybean is the tall, muscular assistant / mouse-servant to the aspiring mousician Slick Willie.  He's not necessarily a dumb bully, but after giving it some thought, he usually decides that it would be a good idea for him to follow Slick Willie's orders anyway (no matter how rude or mean they may be in nature), so that he doesn't get in trouble.


John Ford is the father of Slick Willie, & a famous film & stage actor.  Far more well-behaved, genial, & courteous to others than his son, John can easily charm rodents with his gentlemousely mannerisms, & his suave, smooth voice perfectly complements his handsome appearance.  A true thespian, this ace actor can take on the role of any fursona, cleverly & convincingly playing each part to the hilt, & in addition to acting, he also enjoys fine cooking, art, music, & literature.


This talented singer, songwriter, pianist, & mousician lives in an elegant Mousetorian-style house on the mouse street of Trestletree Lane, where he also runs his libretto company.  In addition to his usual lines of work, Larry also holds an occupation as a part-time piano teacher, & gives lessons to the young rodentlings of London on weekday afternoons.  He eventually becomes one of a large pawful of positive role models for Cousin Timmy Flaversham, who eagerly accepts the older mouse's offer to become one of his musical pupils & proteges.


This pretty country singer from the Wild West has the lovely looks of a porcelain doll, & a heart that's as big & wide as the open prairie.  Her angelic appearance & nice nature are superbly supplemented by a dulcet tone that could melt the heart of any mouse who hears it, & her proficiency at playing the guitar is much-renowned in the music world.
As you may or may not be aware, my newly-refreshed interest & dedication to my GMD sequel project has now officially reached an all-time high! I've been working diligently (well, actually, that's an understatement!) on a wide variety of things related to GMD 2--many (if not all) of which will go into my "Dream Box" that I intend to present to the Walt Disney Company when I pitch my idea for the sequel to them.

This is the second half of one of the supplementary documents that will be included among my inventory of "Dream Box" material--a series of character bios to be put in a promotional insert booklet for the GMD 2 DVD. So, what do you think of it? :) Do tell me your thoughts! :D
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