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*Overture / "A Month Of Peace"
*The Thugs Are Rehired
*Madame Ratburn's Prediction
*The Flavershams / Main Titles
*Hiram's Story
*News For Olivia
*The Return Home
*Meet Cousin Timmy
*First Night In London
*A Trip To The Youth Hostel
*Back In Business
*Altoid Pays A Visit
*The Flavershams' Crisis
*An Uncertain Future
*"Please Send A Miracle"
*"Things Will Get Better!"
*Basil's Discovery
*"How Can I Turn Away?" / Operation: Flavershams
*Turning Over A New Leaf / "Is It Worth It?"
*A New Dawn / "Final Medley"
*The Letter
*Packing Up / Departure
*Encounters In The East End / "Criminals-Turned-Friends"
*On The Road
*Reunion At Baker Street
*A Not-So-Hearty Welcome / "I've Changed"
*"Basil's Lullaby"
*The Nightmare
*Morning Surprises
*Mall Montage #1
*A Karaoke Contest!
*"The World's Greatest Brother Around"
*"Let Me B Good 2 U"
*And The Winner Is... / Mall Montage #2
*A Cry For Help
*The Case
*Olivia's Discovery / "Basil's In Trouble!"
*The Search For Basil
*In The Alley
*Basil's Awakening & Revelation
*All Hail Mouses Fiennes!
*Unpleasant News / "The Master Of Evil"
*More Morning Surprises / Guests At The Palace
*Meeting Queen Mousetoria
*A Surprise For Olivia
*Morning Chores
*The Book Signing
*Unveiling Of The Statue
*Exhibitions At The Crystal Palace
*The Air Show / The Museum Of Mousekind
*The Super-Huge Playroom
*Picnic At Hampstead Heath / Meeting Cecelia
*The Boat Ride
*At The Racetrack
*The Fashion Show
*The Wellingtons
*Family Errands Day / The Marketplace
*Meeting The Claudiuses
*Street Performers!
*Meeting Sophocles Braveheart
*At The Alley-House
*Sophie's Flower Shop
*Meeting The Mitsubishis
*Zenith Movie Studios / The Making Of "Harry Landon"
*At The Malt Shop / Meeting The Flahertys
*The Grand Parade
*A Message From George Cheeseman
*Meeting The Cheesemans
*Familiar Faces / The Big City Clean-Up
*Some Friendly (& Not-So-Friendly) Encounters
*Meeting Larry Grossmouse
*Breakfast At The Chez Chic / Victoria
*The Princess' Tale / Mousetoria's Lament
*Newfound Friends
*A Chat With Hiram
*Evening / The Discussion With Ratigan
*The Children's Mouseum
*The Costume Shop / Ice Cream
*The British Mouseum & Library
*At Regents Park
*The Black Forest
*Dinner & A Play / Early Retirement
*The Secret Glade
*Fireflies At Sunset / "I've Never Felt This Way Before"
*The Bridal Boutique / Confrontation With Cathy
*At St. Paul's Cathedral / Pre-Nuptial Preparations
*The Wedding
*Seaside Getaway
*At The Beach
*Camping Out
*The Crystal Cave / Stargazing
*Back At Baker Street / An Interesting Proposition
*The Humans' Toy Store
*Rainbow Toys
*Musical Instruments / Dolls
*Interlude With Ferris Wheel
*Wind-Up Toys
*Music Boxes / Mechanical Wonders
*Timmy's Dream / Puzzles
*Playsets / The Chess Game / Heading Out
*The Carnival Of Fun
*At Piccadilly Mouse Circus
*A Trip To The Zoo / The Concert
*Meeting The Lorne Sisters / A Stunning Revelation
*Where To Eat?
*The Rat Trap Family Restaurant
*"The World Doesn't Understand You"
*The Thugs' Rebellion / For Your Dinner Entertainment...
*Evelyn & Auburn
*Incognito Infiltration
*The Fire Dance / A Sinking Suspicion
*Wishful Thinking / "Finally Free"
*A Special Request / The Schottish
*Report From Agent 001
*Sunrise / Stroll Through Kensington Gardens
*At Trafalgar Square / Gypsy Dance
*Meeting Up With Friends
*Early Lunch / Planning Ahead
*At The Movies / The Art Mouseum
*Sophocles Returns / Paintball Wars
*Walk Through The Park / Cecil Returns
*A Friendly Game / Capers On The Green / Aerial Attack
*Chase Through The Hedge Maze
*The Pigeon Patch / Facing A Dilemma
*Madame Ratburn Gets Involved
*At Hyde Park / Cirque Du Mousini
*Ripped Off / The Game's Afoot!
*Trail Of Clues / Lost In The Fog
*Picking Up On The Scent / Mousini's Hideout
*Case Closed! / Victory Dinner
*Nate Gregson Reporting / Dawson & Jemediah
*Guess Who's Going To Be A Mother?
*Displaced Orphans / Crime Wave
*Reign Of Terror
*Menacing Threats
*The Hour Approaches / The Goodie Gang's Warning
*Another Visit To Madame Ratburn
*The Final Stage / Imprisoned
*Mouses' Plan Springs Into Action
*"Please Send A Miracle (Reprise)"
*The Thugs Escape / Sound The Alarm! / An Ally Joins Our Heroes
*Fursuit Through The Skies
*Rooftop Battle
*Defeat Of The Villains
*A Joyful Reunion
*In The Palace Gardens / Fireworks / Return To The Festivities
*The Great Ceremony
*Victoria's Choice / Ballroom Waltz
*The Newest Addition
*Madame Ratburn Returns / A Greater Destiny
*Grand Reopening / Birth Of The Baker Street Family
*End Credits
As you may or may not be aware, my newly-refreshed interest & dedication to my GMD sequel project has now officially reached an all-time high! I've been working diligently (well, actually, that's an understatement!) on a wide variety of things related to GMD 2--many (if not all) of which will go into my "Dream Box" that I intend to present to the Walt Disney Company when I pitch my idea for the sequel to them.

This is one of the supplementary documents that will be included among my inventory of "Dream Box" material, & (as you can tell) it is a potential chapter listing of the GMD 2 DVD...uncut & unabridged! ^_^ Though, admittedly, some of the scenes might need to be consolidated on the chapter's a bit on the long side! ^^; But, anyway, what do you think of it? :) Do tell me your thoughts! :D

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April 18, 2011
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