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Jacob's Song
(Performed by Powers Boothe [Rev. Jacob Johnson])
(From "The Village Of Fear")
(Parodied off the song "Hellfire" from the hit Disney film "The Hunchback Of Notre Dame")
(Original lyrics by Stephen Schwartz, with new & additional lyrics by Anastasia Ashworth)

O, Sovereign Being,
You know I am a righteous mouse
Who always tries his best to do no wrong...

O, Sovereign Being,
You know I'm so purer than
The ugly, racist, xenophobic throng!

Then, tell me, Great Being,
Why his words still haunt me so,
Even when I try to block them out!

That evil evangelist
Is sent to Earth from Hell below
To fill my mind with thoughts foul & corrupt

Like poison,
Foul poison,
This poison in my veins!
This toxic
Is sullying my brain!

What shall I do?
What must be done
To make sure that my friends & I
Are left alone?

What shall I do?
If I don't act,
That wicked Miller mouse
Will make a grave impact!

Protect us, Great Being!
Don't let that demon cast his spell!
Don't let his venom kill us all inside!

Destroy Lionel Miller
And let him taste the fires of Hell
If he is not won over to our side...

(Short instrumental interlude, with dialogue from the story filling in)

Foul poison,
Dark poison!
Now, viper, heed my advice:
Submit to
Our teachings,
Or you will pay the price!

God have mercy on him...
God have mercy on me...
But he will convert,
Or he...will...die!

(Song ends)
Yes, ladies & gentlerodents, The Mouse Avenger is back in action! ^_^ So sorry for my long absence from DA--I've just been so busy with my "Joan Of Arc" movie, my "Jonestown Requiem", & some of my other personal projects...but, now, I've returned, & I've got some new stuff to add to my gallery! :D This is the first of these works.

As you can see, this is one of the handful (er, pawful) of musical numbers featured in my GMD fanfiction, "The Village Of Fear". This song is performed by Reverend Jacob Johnson during a scene in one of the upcoming chapters of the story, in which he 'talks' about his fear of Lionel Miller, & his plans to protect the members of his church from the conservative missionary's "evil" whatever means necessary. (And I'll stop here--I don't wanna spoil the rest of the story for you!)

In the meantime, what do you think of the song? :) Do tell me your thoughts! :D

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September 11, 2012
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