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A GMD Fanfiction By The Mouse Avenger

Chapter 1:
The Missionary

Wednesday, November 1, 1894

Lionel Miller couldn't help but pant a little, as he sat in the chair of the small office at the British Embassy in Mouse Georgetown, Guyana.  The little fan on the ambassador's desk could not ward off the stifling heat that filled the tropical air, & Lionel had to resist the urge to loosen some of his clothing—which was not appropriate for the environment he was supposed to be staying in.  Looking back, he probably should have heeded Lord Richard Lane's advice, & brought lighter clothing for his trip... [1] Oh, well, he could always stop at one of the shops in the city, before he headed out on the charter bird who would take him to the compound he intended to visit.

The compound, located just a few miles southwest of the mouse town of Port Ratuma, was hidden deep in the Guyanese jungles, but little else was known about it.  Lionel had heard plenty of rumors about the compound & its inhabitants, though—they were tribal natives, they were displaced Mouse Indians from America, they belonged to a renegade church, they practiced bizarre rituals...Lionel didn't know which of those rumors (if any) were true, although he intended to find out, as soon as he got out of this bloody office!

Lord Lane gazed at the visiting missionary with a stern look, his small, beady eyes hidden by the large lenses of the spectacles perched upon his whisker-adorned nose.  "Now, Mr. Miller," he said in his booming voice, "you know that this is an investigative mission, in which you are to find information about the compound, before performing your ordinary duties.  We do not yet have any evidence that these villagers are practicing unlawful, immoral, or otherwise illicit behavior, & I would prefer that you did not act on unconfirmed rumors or outrageous tall tales, without acquiring some tangible proof of wrongdoing.  Do you understand, Mr. Miller?"

"Yes, Lord Lane," replied Lionel, nodding his head in affirmation.

"Good," said Lord Lane, as a pleasant smile crossed his features. "I trust that you will not let me—or Queen Mousetoria—down.  After all, I'd hate to see a repeat of what those overzealous missionaries did to that group of natives in Mouse Madagascar last summer..." [2]

"Yes, that was certainly a stupid move on their part," Lionel remarked in response. "I'll be absolutely sure not to make that same mistake!" (Little did Lord Lane know that Lionel had his fingers crossed behind his back as he said this!)

"Splendid!  Splendid," Lord Lane exclaimed cheerfully, before emitting a good-natured chuckle. "Well, I think that wraps up our little meeting!  As soon as you've bought some supplies & provisions, you'll be on the next flight bound for Port Ratuma!"

"That's good to know," said Lionel with a smile, as he rose from his seat to shake his host's paw. "Thank you for your time, Lord Lane.  I'll be sure to give you a full report on my evangelical escapades before I leave at the end of November." After bidding the Guyanese mouse ambassador "farewell", Lionel left the embassy, & went across the street to one of several stores that lined that side of the avenue.  Having not properly prepared for his mission, Lionel had a lot of shopping to do, before he could hop aboard the next bird going out of Mouse Georgetown...

* * *

Less than an hour later, Lionel stepped out of a clothing store, now bedecked in missionary garb that was more suitable for a tropical climate.  Sighing in relief as he felt a gentle breeze blowing against his fur, Lionel began to make his way down the street, clinging tightly to his newly-bought parcels & packages, as if he expected a random Guyanese rodent to come up & take them...&, believe it or not, he actually was expecting that to happen.  These days, more tolerant & liberal-minded views of foreign rodents & their cultures were being held by the mouse world, but (alas!) these new social views did not affect every mouse, & poor Lionel Miller was among the more ignorant mice of this generation, one of the remaining members of a dying breed...

Truth be told, the only reason Lionel even wanted to be a missionary, was so that he could convince "savage heathens" to abandon their "abhorrent" lifestyles, & take up the ways of Christianity, instead.  Having been raised by his conservative grandfather after the tragic death of his parents in a house fire when he was a young mouseling, Lionel had grown up under the illusion that English life, English culture, English religion, the English language, & everything else having to do with Britain or her rodent populace were the best in the world, & everything else was inferior!  Second-rate!  Second-class!  Substandard!

As it turned out, however, a series of strange & bizarre events would end up causing young Lionel to change his attitudes, but he had no way of knowing that at this point in time.  Right now, the only thing he did know was that, by the time he got to the 'airport' at the edge of town, he would soon be on his way to Port Ratuma, where he could begin the next leg of his journey to his destination.

Being almost 150 miles from Mouse Georgetown, Port Ratuma took 3 hours to reach by pigeon, & upon landing at the 'airport' there, Lionel took his belongings, got off his ride, & went over to the pint-sized car that was parked nearby.  After securing his possessions in the vehicle's trunk, climbing into the back seat, & buckling his seatbelt, Lionel made himself comfortable, as the driver started the car, & headed for the dense jungle ahead.

As the automobile began passing through the verdant foliage, Lionel could hardly believe his eyes when he saw all the wonderful things that lay before him!  Monkeys capered & cavorted about in the rainforest canopy, while rainbow-feathered scarlet macaws & toucans with brilliantly-colored beaks flew past the tall trees.  Scarlet ibises drank with tapirs from a flowing river, & hummingbirds happily sipped nectar from flourishing flowers.  Snakes, lizards, & tree frogs hid among the grass & leaves, & sloths sluggishly crawled along long vines & tree branches.  Little armadillos & hungry anteaters traveled along the ground in search of food, & every now & again, the medley of jungle noises would be joined by the hisses & growls of large cats.

Lionel was astounded & amazed at the wide variety of flora & fauna; never before in his life, could he ever recall seeing—or even hearing of!—such magnificent creatures, such rare & beauteous specimens of plants, as those that graced his sight now...To be perfectly honest, Lionel felt he could have stared at the scenery of the Guyana rainforest for an eternity, but he was soon brought out of his state of childlike wonder when the driver turned to face him, & said, "We're here."

Slowly, Lionel lifted his gaze towards a simple gate, made of three metal posts (two planted in the ground on either side of the road, & one fixed between them at the top).  Dangling from the top post was a wooden sign, which was suspended from two chains, & covered in white paint; written across the surface of the sign, in large black letters, were these words: "Welcome to the humble hamlet of Johnsontown." [3]


[1] In the mouse world, the titles of "lord" & "lady" are used in reference to the "barons" & "baronesses", or the male & female ambassadors to Mouse England's colonies & territorial possessions (for example, Lady Mousewell is the baroness of the Hawaiian Territories).

[2] In June of 1893, a group of missionaries from Mouse Manchester traveled to Mouse Madagascar, in the hopes of converting a village of local natives to English ways of life. The natives peacefully refused their offer to "help" them, but the missionaries would not take "no" for an answer, & they ended up setting the village on fire, killing all of the natives. The missionaries were immediately defrocked as soon as they returned home, & the British mouse government suffered shame & embarrassment as a result of their actions.

[3] The name was borrowed from a 1979 movie about the historical events that partially inspired this story.
AUTHOR'S NOTES: It is no secret that the majority of my "Great Mouse Detective" fanfics take place in a more utopian setting, a world where rodents of all kinds can learn to get along in peace & harmony...a world without bias, bigotry, discrimination, or anything of the like. But, of course, that is the world of the Neo-Mousetorian Age; the society of earlier decades was not so tolerant & open-minded. Even in the early-to-mid-1890's, there was still some racism, species-ism, sexism, & classism to be found in the rodent world, & despite changing public opinion, there were still mice who stuck to narrow-minded, Neanderthal ways of thinking, rooted in arrogant attitudes of pro-imperialism & English superiority to foreign ways of life. Conservative missionaries were among those types of prejudiced micefolk, & whenever they set off for a faraway country, they hoped that they could convert the native rodents to their own lifestyle. Sometimes, however, one of those missionaries would end up having second thoughts, & changing his (or her) views of the world, & how it should be; such is the case for the lead of our story.

Having become intensely interested in certain historical figures & events (especially of the 60's & 70's) in recent months, I have been inspired to take elements of tragic tales of our modern times, & weave them together with a pastiched plot revolving around a mystery filled with suspense, horror, drama, & intrigue. And as you read this story, ask yourself these questions: If you were compelled to disregard everything you thought you knew about life, or everything you ever believed in, in order to make yourself a better person, would you? If someone you didn't like treated you with kindness & compassion, would this change your mind about that person? How firmly do you really stand for your beliefs, & how far would you go to defend them?

When you're finished reading, feel free to leave a review. I'll take anything from simple comments to constructive criticism, as long as they're not flames or written in a mean, stern, or overly-harsh manner.

And, now, for a brief copyright & disclaimer...

:bulletred: All "Great Mouse Detective" characters, elements, & properties © Disney.
:bulletred: All original characters, elements, & properties © The Mouse Avenger (that's me). Please be sure to ask for my permission before using them in your stories or role-playings. Thanks very much in advance.

Also, be sure to keep in mind that inspiration & ideas for this story (& many of its characters) were heavily drawn from one particular incident in history—an incident shrouded in infamy & notoriety...not to mention myths & misconceptions. For fear of giving any impression of intended irreverence or disrespect towards the figures (living or deceased) involved in that incident, I shall not reveal the moniker by which it is most known. If you are familiar with some of the names, places, & plot elements featured in this tale, then you will probably recognize the incident (however, I sincerely hope that your knowledge of it goes beyond sensationalist media reports & outlandish, outrageous rumors)...& I will leave it that. Please understand that I have absolutely no intention to offend anyone by the use of characters & elements related to these historical themes.

That having been said, I sincerely hope you enjoy the fanfiction.


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