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(Scene: First day of shooting, at the Flavershams’ house.  Olivia is about to get Hiram’s present.)
DIRECTOR: OK, guys, we’re shooting the first scene.  And I want it to be done properly, understood?
OLIVIA: (nods her head) Gotcha, Mr. Director!
DIRECTOR: (smiles pleasantly) All right, then...let’s make some cine-magic!
(Clapboard strikes for Take 1. The dancing doll starts to perform its spirited ballet in front of Olivia’s amazed eyes.)
OLIVIA: Ohh,’s a wonderful present, but can we make one for Cousin Timmy, too?  I know how much he loves dolls...
DIRECTOR: (frustrated) CUT! Olivia, blab about it when we’re not filming!

(Moments later.  The clapboard strikes for Take 2.)
OLIVIA: Ohh, made this just for me?
(The Director smiles, until he hears Hiram’s next statement.)
HIRAM: Of course, my Bairn!  But do ye promise to share it with yer friends?
OLIVIA: (nods & smiles) Why wouldn’t I, Daddy?  Sharing your toys is always a nice thing to do, just like Mummy told me!
DIRECTOR: (not impressed) That’s very nice, Olivia...why don’t you share that dinky little doll of yours when we’re on lunch break!?
OLIVIA: (offended, with her hands on her hips) This doll’s not dinky at all!  Daddy put a lot of work into it!
DIRECTOR: (agitated) Then kindly show it for me, & stick to the script!



(Scene: Fidget is trying to break into the house.)
HIRAM: (as he puts Olivia in the cupboard) Stay in here, & don’t come out! (He shuts the door, but nothing happens.)
DIRECTOR: (massaging his temples, obviously peeved) Fidget, may I ask what’s taking you so long?
FIDGET: (from outside) The stupid window won’t budge! (beat) Oh, never mind, I... (Before he can finish, he stumbles through the window & onto the floor of the toy shop with a thud.)
DIRECTOR: OK, check Fidget to see if he’s broken anything else, & then we’ll try again!

(Take 2. Before the window opens, we hear a menacing voice from behind.)
VOICE: (snarling maliciously) Take cover for your jeezny, Miss Flaversham, for you won’t want to face the wrath of the ultimate teenage rebel, Fidget DeLarge! (The window finally bursts open, & Fidget pops his head in.  It is humbly decorated with a false eyelash & a bowler hat.)
DIRECTOR: (extremely mad) CUT!!! (The crew bursts into laughter, but the Director is not amused.) Fidget, what the crumpets are you wearing?  And what’s with that gay eyelash?
FIDGET: Come on, Director!  It’s a tribute to one of the most controversial & awe-inspiring films of the 20th century!  I’m making a personal homage to A Clockwork Orange!
DIRECTOR: (befuddled) A Clockwork what!?
FIDGET: You better get your sharries to a cinny store this like instant, droogie!  The minoota that your glazzies lock upon the action that unfolds thus, you will be astounded, amazed, &...
DIRECTOR: (recognizing now) Wait a moment...isn’t that the one with that guy who assaults that couple while he’s performing “Singin’ In The Rain”?
FIDGET: (smiling & nodding) The very one & the same, yes...
DIRECTOR: (disgusted) There’s no way in heck you’re making me watch that piece of perverted crap!
FIDGET: (offended) It’s a classic, dude, a freakin’ classic!
DIRECTOR: Tell that to Kubrick, he had it pulled out of here!  Now get in your regular clothes & do your scene, before I kick your tail!
(Fidget instantly walks off, grumbling as he disposes of his fake eyelash & bowler hat.)
DIRECTOR: (sotto voce, irritated) Stupid avant-garde freak-shows...



(Scene: Dawson finds Olivia in the boot.)
DAWSON: Now, tell me...what’s troubling you, my dear?
OLIVIA: (sniffles) I...I’m lost. (sniffles again as she hands Dawson a newspaper clipping) I’m...I’m trying to find Basil Of Baker Street.
DAWSON: Let me see here... (puts on his spectacles & begins reading)Under The Cherry Moon Bombs At Box Office”... (dismayed) That’s a shame!  I absolutely loved that movie, & Prince’s acting was even better</u> than it was in his last one!
DIRECTOR: (ticked off) Wrong clipping, Dawson!  CUT!!!



(Scene: Basil makes his appearance.)
BASIL: A-ha, the villain’s slipped this time!  I shall have him!  (He bursts through the doorway, & everyone starts laughing as they see that Basil’s dressed as a disco dancer.) (cracking a nervous smile as he blushes in embarrassment) Oh, dear, wrong costume.  (He leaves to change, & comes back through the door in his Chinese outfit, waving his gun wildly as he peels off his disguise.)
BASIL: Out of my way, out of my way!  (Suddenly, Basil slips on a banana peel, screaming wildly as he slides all around the room.  Finally, after slipping & swooshing every which-way for some time, he crashes into something offscreen.) (in agony) Ouch, son of a jackal!
DAWSON: (concerned) Are you all right, Basil?
BASIL: (annoyed) I’ve got a huge, splitting headache & I may have lost some teeth!  Does it look anything</u> like I’m OK to you?!
OLIVIA: (dashing to the snack bar) Quick, get the soft-serve!



(Scene: Olivia has just told Basil about her father’s kidnapping, & the detective sees a link between the situation & his failed experiment.)
BASIL: (leaping onto his chair & accentuating his words with vivid gestures of his violin bow) Know him!?  That bat, one Fidget by name, is in the employ of the very fiend who was the target of my experiment!  The horror of my every waking moment...the nefarious Professor... (Before the villain’s name is revealed, Basil yelps as he falls off his post.  A crashing noise is heard, & Basil is seen on the floor, next to a broken lamp.)
OLIVIA: (smiling impishly as she giggles) You’re gonna get in trouble...
BASIL: (returning the coy grin) Not if Mrs. Judson doesn’t find out... (He begins to pick up the broken pieces with the utmost delicacy, but Mrs. Judson appears & sees the damage before he can finish cleaning it up.) (trying to appease his furious mousekeeper) Now, now, Mrs. Judson, it was an accident...
(Sporting an angry frown, Mrs. Judson tugs Basil offscreen by the ear.  The detective can be heard yelping painfully, as he is whacked with a broom.)
DAWSON: (aside to Olivia, barely stifling his chuckles of amusement) You’d think that for being a grownup, he wouldn’t be treated so much like a naughty mouseling with his hand on the cookie jar!
DIRECTOR: (flatly) Very funny, Thompson.
DAWSON: Er, that’s Dawson.
DIRECTOR: Whatever.



(Scene: During the “World’s Greatest Criminal Mind” number.  Ratigan is nearly done with his opening solo, but suddenly, the music stops & dies down.)
RATIGAN: (shocked) What the fudge?!
(The music starts again, but instead of the appropriate song, the thugs & minions, dressed in Gypsy clothing, start dancing to “Raspberry Beret”, while Bill The Lizard sings the first verse.  Before anyone can perform the chorus, however, the angry Director quickly turns off the music.  Needless to say, the thugs are less than pleased.)
RED (the thug in the autumn-colored clothes): (irritated, removing the cigar from his mouth) What’s the big idea, man?
DIRECTOR: (agitated) Funny, I don’t recall “Raspberry Beret” being mentioned in the end credits as Ratigan’s song...
SNAKES (the thug in the striped shirt): Come on, Director, it was just for a lark!  Honest!
DIRECTOR: Yeah, well, save the Prince tributes for coffee break...OK, back to the script, folks!
(The thugs start singing “The World’s Greatest Criminal Mind”, but with jaded expressions & lackluster enthusiasm.)
BILL: (under his breath, annoyed) Some people just don’t know how to have fun...



(Scene: Basil is trying to get Olivia to stay at the house while he & Dawson go on the case.)
BASIL: (smiling, attempting to reason with the mouseling) My dear, I don’t think you understand.  It will be quite dangerous.  (He sits on his violin, & then recovers the broken instrument, clearly upset by what has happened.)  Why, you...look at my... (growls in irritation) (increasingly vexed) Young lady, you are most definitely not accompanying us...& that is final!
(He slams his violin on his knee, & quickly grabs it as he hops up & down in pain.  Olivia can barely fight the urge to laugh.)
DIRECTOR: Are you OK, Basil?
BASIL: (certainly not appearing to be) It’s merely a bruise, I’ll be quite fine!  And may I remind you, Director, that you could finish this movie without me having to get injured constantly?
DIRECTOR: It’s just a bruise, Basil; like you said, you’ll be quite fine.  And besides, it’s a small sacrifice for our impending triumph!
BASIL: (under his breath, irritated) I beg to differ...



(Scene: At the human’s toy store.  Basil, Dawson, & Olivia are making their way around the empty building, filled with all sorts of giant playthings.)
OLIVIA: (quite amazed by what she sees) Wow, look at all these toys!  I do wish I could play with them; they look like such fun!
BASIL: (smiling at the girl, despite himself) Perhaps later, my dear.  By then, we shouldn’t be tied down with such a troubling case...& besides, your father will be there to join you in your play!
OLIVIA: Oh, goody! (claps her hands gleefully)
DAWSON: (whispering to Basil) I say, Basil, you appear to have taken quite a liking to Miss Flaversham...but I could have sworn you didn’t like children...
BASIL: (whispering back with a coy smile & a wink) There’s a sequel that The Mouse Avenger has in mind that will prove otherwise...
(The Director wakes up from his nap.  Basil, Dawson, & Olivia decide to play along, & pass by the music box.  Olivia turns it on, & Dawson quickly jumps into Basil’s arms when he hears the subsequent noise.)
BASIL: (prying Dawson off of him, trying his best to appear annoyed) Oh, what the deuce—Oh! (he turns off the music box, & goes to Olivia) Please...quiet! (to Dawson) Don’t let this girl out of your sight!
(Dawson salutes, & Olivia does an adorable imitation.)
DAWSON: (taking her by the hand) Now, Olivia, dear...stay close.
(They walk across by the checkerboard, as Fidget watches from above.  Once again, he is dressed in the bowler hat & false eyelash.  Basil says his dialogue & everyone carries on with the scene, but when Olivia approaches the cradle, Fidget emerges & quickly grabs her.)
FIDGET: (as Olivia struggles to break free) This time, devotchka, thou shalt not escape from my webbed rookers!  Thus declares Fidget DeLarge!
(The Director is incensed.)
DIRECTOR: CUT!!!  Fidget, I told you, no Kubrick tributes!
FIDGET: (just as peeved) And I told you, Mr. Director, that I wasn’t going to listen to you even if you...
(The Director grabs him by the throat.)
DIRECTOR: (through gritted teeth) You slooshy my slovos, Fidget, & you had better slooshy them real horrorshow...we’re going to start that cradle scene over, & this time, you had better stick to the script!  That includes wearing the baby bonnet...without a fake eyelash!
FIDGET: Do I have to?
DIRECTOR: Yes, Fidget, if you want the free donuts!

(Later.  Basil is giving chase after Fidget on the bouncing horse.)
BASIL: Stop, you fiend!
(When he attempts to reach the top shelf, he ascends into the air, yelling a Goofy yell as he does so.  He finally comes down with his hopping-horse in a rather nasty crash-landing.)
DIRECTOR: (from behind the camera) Don’t even think about suing me for all this...



(Scene: Ratigan is approaching Hiram in the prison-barrel.)
RATIGAN: Ah, Mr. Flaversham... (he chuckles wickedly, as Hiram looks dismayed) Allow me to present...your charming daughter!  (When he moves his cape, Bartholomew is standing in the doorway, smiling idiotically as he waves at the camera.)
RATIGAN: (unable to hide his shock) What are you doing here, Bartholomew?!  I thought I killed you off!
BARTHOLOMEW: You’re forgetting one thing...I got an appearance to make in The Mouse Avenger’s sequel!  I’ll see if me brother Moe & me girl Mimsy will join me!
(He dashes off, laughing giddily.  Ratigan passes a final glare at the drunken thug, before turning to the camera & cracking an embarrassed grin.)
RATIGAN: (sheepishly) Most terribly sorry...might we try that again?
(Later.  Ratigan pulls back his cape again, this time to reveal Jiggy The Juggling Octopus.)
JIGGY: (looking around) This is the Rat Trap, right?
(Ratigan hands Jiggy a map to his proposed destination, & the octopus quickly scampers off.)
RATIGAN: (hoping to appease the Director) Just once more, shall we?
(Still later.  Ratigan pulls back his cape to reveal Olivia.  The Director is pleased...until he notices Fidget’s absence.)
DIRECTOR: (very, very ticked off) I knew</u> I should have hired Shellington Batly to do the part!  Olivia, Ratigan, & Hiram—you go look for that scrawny little bugger!  I’ll deal with him once we’re done with the shoot!

(After Olivia is imprisoned.  Fidget is about to gloat over his accomplishment.)
FIDGET: (cackles) No problem!  I took care of everything—everything on the list!  (He sees it’s not there.) Uh-oh...
RATIGAN: (suddenly mad) What’s wrong?
FIDGET: (as he searches himself frantically) The list, I know I had it right...
RATIGAN: (not feeling any better) Where’s the list?
(Fidget finds a paper in his wing-pocket.)
FIDGET: Hey, I think I got it!  (Fidget immediately lets out a gasp of fright upon inspecting it further.) (quite scared) Oh, my God, this isn’t the list!  It’’ art class assignment!  And it’s 2 days overdue!  (He quickly dashes off to return it.) (as he leaves) I gotta turn this in to my teacher, pronto!  An “F” is the last thing I need on my report card right now!
OLIVIA: (from inside the bottle, puzzled) He still goes to school?
RATIGAN: Despite the fact that he’s 15 years old, Fidget’s going to be in Jr. High next year.  He’s had to stay back in a couple of grades, & if he ever plans to make it further, he’ll need all the help he can get.
DIRECTOR: Funny, he doesn’t look</u> stupid.
RATIGAN: He’s not; he’d just rather spend all his time playing video games & reading comics...that is, when he’s not rotting his brain with mindless cartoons.
DIRECTOR: Tell me about it; my nephew’s hooked on his Atari.



(Scene: At the Rat Trap.  Jiggy is finishing up his act, after which Dawson begins clapping.  His applause, however, is immediately followed by boos & hisses.)
SHRIMPY MOUSE: (tossing tomatoes at Jiggy) Get off, you eight-legged bum!
(Jiggy dashes for cover, & Evelyn approaches Basil & Dawson’s table.)
EVELYN: (smiling) What’s yer pleasure, mates?
DAWSON: I’ll have a Chocolate Rocket, with two Merry Meals for the both of us.  And can you put extra fries in mine?
EVELYN: (instantly looking sad) Sure, luv...I’d be more than happy to give ye that...if we were a family restaurant.  Unfortunately, that pipe dream of ours has yet to be realized... (sniffles as she wipes a tear from her eye)
DAWSON: Well, what you need is a good plan to make that lovely wish come true!  And I just so happen to have one up my sleeve... (tosses a beer mug at the “poker smoker” lady) (calling out cheerfully) BAR FIGHT!!!
(Everyone in the pub begins brawling.  Evelyn & the rest of the Rat Trap Crew can barely hide their amazement at the ingenuity of Dawson’s impromptu plan.)

EVELYN: (excitedly, to the bartender) Just think of it, Auburn—by the time this brawl is over, we can sue for damages!  And with all the money we get in turn, we’ll use it to build this place over again from top to bottom!  We’ll finally be able to have the family restaurant we always wanted to build!
(The fighting soon stops, however, & everyone quickly braces themselves as they prepare to face the Director’s mighty wrath.)
AUBURN: (smiling roguishly as he taps the ash from his cigar) That is, as soon as we finish getting our tongue-lashing from Mr. Director...

(Later.  The set has been cleaned up, & with things carrying on as normal, Don The Pianist begins playing “Let Me Be Good To You”, as Kitty sings & dances on stage.)
DAWSON: (aside, to his cohort) You know, Basil, that showgirl looks absolutely divine...& her voice is the best thing I’ve heard since Susannah Hoffs!
(Basil shushes Dawson, & continues looking for Fidget.  Dawson turns his attention back to Kitty, & becomes more amazed with each note she sings, every move she makes...Imagine his unpleasant surprise, though, when he sees her flinging off her skirt & revealing her feathered leotard with matching shoes, gloves, & a garter.)
DAWSON: (harshly, standing up & pointing a scolding finger at Kitty) Oh, now, that’s just wrong!  You don’t think that sweet, innocent children are going to be watching your every lascivious move, you strumpet?!
DIRECTOR: Dawson, settle down; she knows exactly what she’s doing.
DAWSON: (infuriated) That’s exactly my point!  This...this shameless streetwalker appears to have no conscience about showing off such horrendous behavior, much less in this brash, blatant manner!  And you told us we would be getting a mere G rating!?  The way I see it, we’ll be slapped with a much higher one as long as that tramp makes her presence known!  And if I weren’t a gentlemouse, I’d call her worse things than that!
(Kitty begins to cry, as her sisters comfort her.  Everyone, including Basil, glares at Dawson, who instantly looks shameful.)
DAWSON: If it makes anyone feel better, I’ll have a mug of that drugged beer.



(Scene: Basil has been caught in Ratigan’s trap.)
RATIGAN: You fool!  Isn’t it clear to you?!  The superior mind has triumphed...I’ve WON!!!
(Everyone begins laughing at Basil.  The detective doesn’t just break down, however; once he starts crying, the thugs frown & moan sympathetically.)
RATIGAN: (becoming furious) What are you all doing!?  You’re supposed to laugh in that measly detective’s face!  I command you to drown yourselves in the joy of his misery!
PEEWEE PETE (the shrimpy thug in the baseball cap, next to Bill & Red): But it’s not nice to laugh at people.
(Ratigan fumes, & takes a swing at Pete.  The tiny mouse flies right into the Director’s lap.)
DIRECTOR: (looking weirded-out) OK...this is embarrassing.



(Scene: As Basil & Dawson have been told of Ratigan’s “marvelous” plan to kill them off.)
DAWSON: (huffing angrily) You’re...despicable!
RATIGAN: (not the least bit offended) Yes...
(Before Fidget can arrive & speak his line, however, Dawson continues his tirade...just as his face goes blank & his eyes begin changing colors.)
DAWSON: (oblivious to what he’s saying) The rain in Spain stays mainly on the plain...I’m mad as heck, & I’m not gonna take it anymore!  Mein Fuehrer, I can walk!  Here’s lookin’ at you, kid...Frankly, my dear, I don’t give a hoot!  One man can change the world with a bullet in the right place...
RATIGAN: (pleasantly taken-aback) Those are lines from some of my favorite movies!  How did he know I liked “If...” & “Network</u>”?
DIRECTOR: Oh, man...Dawson’s gone into a drugged-drink relapse!
BASIL: Or it could just be the noxious odors from the mildew & mold in the wine cellar; they can have a nasty effect on the brain to those who haven’t gotten accustomed to the smell.
DIRECTOR: I thought you said you’ve never been here before.
BASIL: That’s one bit in the dialogue you’ll need to tweak, Mr. Director.  I can’t tell you just how many times I’ve come to this wretched lair...but in any event, we’ll need to get Dawson out for some fresh air, & then we can restart the shoot when he’s feeling better.
DIRECTOR: For once, Basil, I agree with you.
DAWSON: (still under the influence) Cabbage-head!



(Scene: Fidget is carrying a bound-&-gagged Queen Mousetoria down the hallway to Felicia’s awaiting jaws.)
FIDGET: Over here, fatty! (to his captive) You’re a ton, toots!
(Queen Mousetoria, insulted, kicks Fidget in the head.)
FIDGET: (irritated, rubbing his sore crown) Ow!  What the heck was that for?!
QUEEN MOUSETORIA: (from behind her gag) Sticks & stones may break my bones, but your words are as damaging to my poor old heart as a coronary!
FIDGET: (callously, carrying her down the hallway) Like I care!  And you really do need to lose some weight.  Might I suggest the South Beach Diet?
(Queen Mousetoria does not reply, but only glares at Fidget.)



(Scene: Ratigan has just finished reading off Item 96 on his list of laws.  However, Jemediah Fieldson [the old mouse with the cast & cane] has a few choice words in response.  He bravely limps over to Ratigan, as “Chariots Of Fire” plays in the background.)
JEMEDIAH: (impassioned) You cruel, cold-hearted beast!  Here you come, announcing your sudden position as king, when you know deep in your heart that such a noble & mighty honor as that is the last thing you deserve!  You have caused so much pain, so much agony, to everyone in Mouse London, & even the whole country; why should we have to give into your tyrannical demands?  Whether you attack us with stones or guns or sabers, we shall never relent!  We shall maintain our dignity, our pride, our hope for a brighter future than the one you present to us, & most of all, we shall never surrender!
(The audience applauds, but Ratigan is not impressed by Jemediah’s display.)
RATIGAN: (massaging his temples, jadedly) Are you quite finished?
JEMEDIAH: Heck, no!  I’m just getting started!
RATIGAN: Not so fast, you old badger!  This is for quoting one too many war movies!
(He grabs Jemediah’s cane, sending him flying offscreen.  A crash soon follows.)
RATIGAN: (sheepishly) So, would anyone care to hear the royal revamp of “The World’s Greatest Criminal Mind”?



(Scene: The Mousetoria robot is falling apart.)
MOUSETORIA ROBOT / BASIL: You, Professor, are none other than a foul stenchus rodentus, commonly known as a...
RATIGAN: (incensed, throttling the now-demolished automaton) DON’T SAY IT!!!!
BASIL: (emerging from behind the curtains) ...sewer rat!
(Ratigan screams in rage as his back arches.  It slowly bends inward, though, & we soon hear a loud snap.  Ratigan immediately clutches his thrown-out back in pain, screeching in agony.)
BASIL: (alarmed, dashing off) Quickly, call the paramedics!
DAWSON: (going to assist Ratigan) Don’t you mean the chiropractor who happens to be right in front of you?



(Scene: During the final battle.)
RATIGAN: (snarling menacingly) There’s no escape this</u> time, Basil!
(The lights in Big Ben suddenly go out.)
RATIGAN: (befuddled) What the deuce happened?
LIGHTS GUY: (from offscreen) Oops, sorry!
RATIGAN: Drat it... (sighs in irritation) If you’ll excuse me, Mr. Director, I need to take a quick recess in my trailer.  I shan’t be too long, rest assured...
(Just as the lights are fixed, Ratigan steps on a cable & gets electrocuted.  The Director & Basil quickly rush to shut off the power, & Ratigan emerges unharmed, though quite sooty.  Occasionally, his body lights up with sparks.)
OLIVIA: (from the Union Jack Balloon) Are you OK, Ratigan?
RATIGAN: I’m quite fine, Olivia, thank you...say, why are you so concerned about the fellow who kidnapped your daddy & nearly killed your friends?
OLIVIA: So I can kick your bum later, you big, ugly rat!
(Ratigan tries desperately to keep his temper.)
RATIGAN: (cracking a forced smile, though his face turns red) Bless the little children & the adorable words that bubble forth from their tiny lips...
BASIL: (unable to control his laughter) That is, my admirable foe, when they’re not “big, ugly rat”!



(Scene: At Basil’s house, during the end.)
DIRECTOR: (greatly relieved) Finally, our last day of shooting!  I can’t believe we’ve made it through all the trials, tribulations, & countless lawsuits, & yet, here we are! (taking position at his camera) OK...action!
(Everyone says their lines, but when Hiram heads off to leave, Olivia is literally clinging to Basil as she sports puppy-dog eyes.)
OLIVIA: (in a tiny voice) We don’t have to leave you, Basil; Daddy & I can be your bestest friends forever & ever, & you can be my godfather.  Would you like that, Basil? (smiles)
BASIL: (returning the smile) Hmm...well, it appears to be a good offer.  I suppose I could let you & your daddy stay with me...just promise to clean your room every day.
DIRECTOR: CUT!!!  Olivia, save the goddaughter thing for the sequel!  And Basil...for the last time, stick to the script!

(Take 2.  The Flavershams have left, Lady Mousewell has arrived at the house, & Basil prepares to make Dawson his partner.)
BASIL: Ah, allow me to introduce my trusted associate, Dr. Dawson, with whom I do all my cases.  Isn’t that right, Doctor?
(Dawson agrees & the two shake hands.)
BASIL: As you can see, Dawson, this young lady has just arrived from the Hampstead district, & is troubled about the mysterious disappearance of an emerald ring, missing from the third finger of her right hand.
(Dawson says the final lines, but as the end credits begin rolling, the whole GMD cast begins dancing to “A Love Bizarre”, a la the movie “Krush Groove”.)
DIRECTOR: (dismayed) Oh, the rodentity!
AUTHOR’S NOTES: “The Great Mouse Detective” is well-known for being one of the most lighthearted & easily entertaining Disney films. Of course, a few outtakes never hurt...*wink* So, I’ve designed a pretty sum of bloopers to keep you rolling in the aisles. Read & enjoy!

(BTW, “The Great Mouse Detective” & its characters are all copyrighted by Disney.)
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MouseAvenger Featured By Owner Dec 29, 2008  Hobbyist Filmographer
Thanks! :D And I'll be eager to see your outtakes, as well! :)
maniacaldude Featured By Owner Dec 29, 2008  Student General Artist
Thanks! I'll try to get them in sometime.

By the way, did you see my picture of Prince?
MouseAvenger Featured By Owner Dec 29, 2008  Hobbyist Filmographer
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you're welcome! ^_^
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You've got some funny stuff here! Of course its humor depends strongly on the reader's imagination and I love that! I should do something like this sometime.
Oh, and my personal favorite is Fidget's random problem in Outtake #9.

P.S. Thanks for the watch
MouseAvenger Featured By Owner Mar 14, 2008  Hobbyist Filmographer
Thanks! ^_^ And you're welcome. :)

P.S. Would you like to Devwatch me? :D
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