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April 18, 2011
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*A complete set of human-sized replicas of all the Rainbow Toys featured in the "GMD 2" movie
*A working replica of Olivia's dancing doll, which plays her special song from GMD 2
*PLENTY of other tie-in toys--action figures, playsets w/ figurines, plushies, beanies, interactive toys, & so on
*Easy-to-assemble GMD 2 'toy theater' kits that all come with instructions & a proscenium made to resemble the stage of the Rat Trap Family Restaurant, along with cut-out replicas of all the scenery, sets, props, costumes, & characters (the toy-theater kits will be released in two forms: full-color & black-&-white [to be colored in later])
*Promotional kid's-meal toys for restaurant chains
*"GMD 2" jigsaw puzzles (in box & frame-tray forms)
*"GMD 2" tie-in board games
*Packs of "GMD 2" trading cards
*"GMD 2" Animated Storybook & Activity Center CDs
*A "Toy Store Adventures" computer game, featuring such games & activities as "Rainbow Toy Mountain", "Escape From The Runaway Ferris Wheel", "Bubble Trouble", "Boxing-Ring Face-Off", "Test Your Strength", "The Marbles Game", "The Toy-Winding Race", "Make Your Own Music", "Puzzle-Palooza!", "The Big Chess Game", "Building Blocks", "The Darts Game", & "Help Timmy Find The Missing Shuttlecock"
*"GMD 2" video games
*The standard-edition DVD, as well as a "Special Edition" with plenty of super-cool bonus features (detailed on the back of the DVD cover)
*A "GMD 2" soundtrack with all the songs from the movie, as well as a set of 4 other discs featuring all the classical score
*A revamp of the "GMD 2" version of "Let Me B Good 2 U" for the next DisneyMania CD
*Songbooks with sheet music for all the songs from GMD 2, issued with different arrangements for piano, guitar, trombone, flute, & any kind of instrument you please
*A promotional storybook for the movie, as well as several tie-in picture books, pop-up books, & movie novelizations
*A comic-book retelling of the film
*"GMD 2" coloring, paint-with-water, color-by-number, activity, & sticker books
*"GMD 2" sticker-sheets
*"GMD 2" paper dolls
*A set of "GMD 2" postage stamps
*"GMD 2" ceramic sculptures
*"GMD 2" snowglobes
*"GMD 2" music boxes
*"GMD 2" wall calendars
*"GMD 2" T-shirts
*A "GMD 2" clothing line for girls, featuring all of Olivia's clothes & costumes seen in the movie & the upcoming TBSFC series
*The follow-up Disney Channel original series, "The Baker Street Family Chronicles"
*Promotional theater popcorn with cheddar-cheese flavoring, as well as tie-in "GMD 2" popcorn tubs & souvenir cups
*The "GMD 2" press kit
*A set of 16 full-color "GMD 2" lobby cards
*A "GMD"- or "GMD 2"-themed ride at one or more of the Disney theme parks
*"GMD" & "GMD 2" costumed characters at the Disney theme parks
*"GMD 2" souvenirs for the Disney Store & the stores at the Disney theme parks
*A comeback issue of "Disney Adventures" focusing on "GMD 2"
*"GMD 2" hand-painted jewelry
*"GMD 2" collectors' cups for convenience stores & restaurants
*"GMD 2" color-in posters
*"GMD 2" 'Magic Slates'
*"GMD 2" 'Busy Play Bags' containing a variety of fun items (including promotional storybooks, coloring & activity books, action figures, frame-tray puzzles, crayons, sticker books, paint-with-water books, & 'magic slates', among other things)
*"GMD 2" iron-ons for T-shirts
*"GMD 2" bookmarks
*"GMD 2" door hangers
*"GMD 2" promotional stickers
*"GMD 2" clocks
*"GMD 2" Viewmaster discs
*"GMD 2" souvenir movie programs
*"GMD 2" plastic cups & mugs
*"GMD 2" lunchboxes (complete with thermos)
*"GMD 2" press-out playsets
*"GMD 2" cross-stitch books
*"GMD 2" character costume patterns
*"GMD 2" promotional theater posters
*"GMD 2" promotional postcards
*"GMD 2" promotional pin-on buttons
*"Recipes From The Rat Trap Family Restaurant" cookbook
*"GMD 2" figures & in-game world for Disney Infinity
*"GMD 2" theme-park pins
*"GMD 2" promotional stationery
*"GMD 2" Vinylmation figurines
*"GMD 2" cake toppers
As you may or may not be aware, my newly-refreshed interest & dedication to my GMD sequel project has now officially reached an all-time high! I've been working diligently (well, actually, that's an understatement!) on a wide variety of things related to GMD 2--many (if not all) of which will go into my "Dream Box" that I intend to present to the Walt Disney Company when I pitch my idea for the sequel to them.

This is one of the supplementary documents that will be included among my inventory of "Dream Box" material. It is a list of ideas for GMD 2 merchandise, products, & promotional materials. So, what do you think of it? :) Do tell me your thoughts! :D
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Some of this sounds interesting! 
MouseAvenger Sep 5, 2013  Hobbyist Filmographer
Really? :) Gee, thanks! ^_^ I do appreciate your feedback! :hug:
if that merchandise was real, since we're friends, you can probably give me the replicas for free
MouseAvenger Apr 18, 2011  Hobbyist Filmographer
And if I ever do get this merchandise made, I'd be more than happy to do so! :nod: :hug:
thanks a lot
MouseAvenger Apr 18, 2011  Hobbyist Filmographer
You're super-welcome! ^_^
you know you can help me with something
MouseAvenger Apr 21, 2011  Hobbyist Filmographer
my books for disney is going to be so great i'm making a fourth series on the great mouse detective and you might need to help me
MouseAvenger Apr 22, 2011  Hobbyist Filmographer
Sure! ^_^
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