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A Musical Parody By The Mouse Avenger


Angel Stanford
A singing star, & the heroine of our story

Omar Franks
A famous rock musician, & Angel's love interest

The Sorcerer Of The Rock Hall (a.k.a. Mok)
The masked terrorist of Radioactive City Music Hall

Miss ("Madame") Edith LeDay
The director of the rock hall's dancing team

Annie LeDay
A dancer at the rock hall, Madame LeDay's daughter, & a close friend of Angel

Cinderella "Cindy" Paggliaci
The leading soprano at the rock hall, & Angel's rival

Alfonso Paggliaci
The leading tenor at the rock hall, & Cinderella's husband

Theodore "Toad" Montgomery
The first of the new owners of the rock hall

Slade "Sleazy" Richardson
The second of the new owners of the rock hall

Zachary "Zip" Burns
The rock hall's chief stagehand

Stanley "Stretch" Reynard
The conductor of the rock hall's orchestra

Mr. Mylar
The original owner of the rock hall

Officer Quadhole
A police investigator

~ @ ~


"Keep The Memories Alive"
(Sung to "The Glory Of Love")

"Singing Angel"
(Sung to "Father Figure")

"Little Angie / The Angel In The Mirror"
(Sung to "Little Jeannie" & "Father Figure")

"The Sorcerer Of The Rock Hall – Main Song"
(Sung to "Who's Crying Now")

"Twilight Melody"
(Sung to "Total Eclipse Of The Heart")

"Strange Memories / Prying Pandora / Open Your Eyes & See"
(Sung to "Time After Time", "People Are People", & "Open Your Heart To Me")

"The Golden Rope"
(Sung to "Footloose")

"Let Your Sweet Voice Ring"
(Sung to "Baby, I'm A Star")

"You Amuse Me"
(Sung to "Always Something There To Remind Me")

"What Are We Doing Here? / I've Been With Him"
(Sung to "Who's Crying Now" & "Land Of Confusion")

"I'll Always Love You"
(Sung to "Right Here Waiting [For You]")

"You Will Pay!"
(Sung to "You Give Love A Bad Name")

"Masquerade! / Look Who's Back!"
(Sung to "Holiday" & "Cold As Ice")

"Pawn In This Twisted Game"
(Sung to "Black Velvet")

"If Only You Could Be Here"
(Sung to "Against All Odds [Take A Look At Me Now]")

"Little Lost Angel"
(Sung to "Father Figure")

"Medley Of The Final Sequences"
(Sung to "Borderline", "Careless Whispers", "Sunday, Bloody Sunday", "Total Eclipse Of The Heart", "Hard To Say I'm Sorry", & "Will You Still Love Me?")

~ @ ~


Auction At The Old Rock Hall, 3065

Part I:
Incidents At A Dress Rehearsal

Part II:
Performance Night

Part III:
The Mysterious Sorcerer

Part IV:
The Diva Returns

Part V:
Premiere Fiascos

Part VI:
Graveyard Encounters

Part VII:
The Plan

Part VIII:
The Point Of No Return

Part IX:
The Final Confrontation
Fans of "Rock & Rule", "The Phantom Of The Opera", &/or crossover parodies, do I have a treat for you! :D I present to you a playbill for one of my many current / upcoming projects...a delightful musical pastiche known as The Sorcerer Of The Rock Hall! :D Set in Nuke York (with much of the action taking place at Radioactive Music Hall), it's a powerful tale of adventure, romance, & horror, with the plot carried along by a repertoire of parodies of popular 80's tunes (which is rather fitting, considering the decade that R&R was released). And, of course, the cast of POTO is replaced with the cast of R&R (with my fanfic character Annie Leday filling in for the role of Meg Giry)! ^_^

So, what do you think, folks? :) Does it strike your fancy?
DiscordantPrincess Featured By Owner Jul 13, 2014
This'll be fun.
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